People's Daily speak: These foods are blown up, but they are not used, try not to spend money.

Lead: With the continuous improvement of living, people pay more and more attention to health, the healthy product industry has rapidly developed, more and more people seize this business opportunity, and began to engage in health products sales staff.

The elderly become the main consumer group of health products, especially some salespersons to send warm flags, close to the elderly to sell health products, and many of the old people who pay attention to health, under the speech of the salesperson, lose judgment skills, Flow a lot of money to buy health products, and finally lead to two empty spaces.

Comprehensive improvement of health awareness is a good thing, but in the current health products, it should be cautious, don't waste money in white, but also buried hidden dangers health.

People's Daily voice: Some health products have the meaning of "hanging sheep selling dog meat", the sales staff will carefully say the sky, but there is no practical effect, it is recommended to be cautious when purchasing.


These foods are blown up, don't use it, don't be a big head.

[Protein powder]

Protein is an important nutrient component that constitutes human organs, is an indispensable nutrients of the body, but I don't know when you start the protein powder quietly, it is the darling of the health market, because they can "enhance immunity" The banner is publicized, no matter which age group is consumed, there is health efficacy.

A pot of protein powder is about two or three hundred dollars, some big brands have even sold four or five hundred dollars, but is ordinary people really need to eat protein powder?

In fact:

Normal people do not need additional proteins, you can get in eggs, milk, soy products, and lean meat through daily diet, and rich in quality proteins, healthy adults only need to consume about 50 grams of proteins to meet the body needs. Therefore, normal people do not need additional protein powder.

[High calcium milk]

The milk species of milk sold on the market should see high calcium milk when buying milk, and its price is much higher than ordinary.

According to the nutritionist: High calcium milk will add a little calcium carbonate during production, increase the calcium elements in the milk.

In fact:

The calcium carbonate absorption is relatively low. After drinking, the human body cannot be completely absorbed, and if you want to make calcium, ordinary milk is enough to meet the needs of the body.


The enzyme is actually an enzyme, hitting the name of weight loss and slimming into our market, and is used as health care products.

Enzymes absorbed the advantages of diet pills, and happened to avoid the shortcomings of diet pills, not only without side effects, and there is no need to lose weight, so they have been favored by a lot of weight loss.

In fact:

Enzymes do not lose their original activity after entering the stomach, the body cannot be completely absorbed, and there is no need to lose weight, so we don't have the necessary enzymes, we should avoid this IQ.

【organic food】

"Green Vegetables" sold in the supermarket "organic rice", sounds both high-end and grade, and for people's attractiveness is full.

In fact:

The Consumer Association sampling experiments from the organic products sold on the market, proved that nutrients in the so-called organic foods and ordinary vegetables have no difference, but the price is much higher than vegetables.

[Bird's nest]

The bird's nest is playing the effect of beauty and beauty. It is nutrition supplement in many women.

In the bird's nest, there are a variety of ingredients for physical benefits, such as amino acids, proteins, so many women have tried to eat bird's nest in order to delay aging, to achieve the purpose of beauty and beauty.

In fact:

The expensive bird's nest does not have any nutritional value, even the ordinary soy products, and it is better to eat bird's nest to drink a more affordable soy milk.

[Black 枸杞]

Black scorpion is called "soft gold", it is reported that the nutritional value of black 枸杞 is much higher than the red bang, so more and more people start buying black 枸杞.

In fact:

According to experts, the nutritional value of black 枸杞 is high. It is the statement of merchants to exaggerate the words, and there is no difference between black and red. It is only a little more anthocyanin.

Conclusion: The above foods, everyone must polish your eyes when you purchase, cautiously, don't be fooled by the business, spend money not only without any benefits, but also a hidden danger for health.

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