Expert advice: Dinner only eats seven points!What is "7 points"?

Don't eat in the morning, get together at noon, eat crazy at night, how many people's diet.

In fact, many people don't know that dinner only needs to be enough.

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So, do you have to eat seven points for dinner? What is the seven points? This article teaches you how to have dinner correctly ...

Want to eat seven points for dinner?

The people take food for the day, human evolution to today, although everyone knows that reasonable diet is the balance between energy intake and energy consumption, but the human appetite regulation system tends to eat more physiological characteristics is not due to labor and survival model. Change change, the food ingestion of modern people is getting finer, the energy intake is getting higher and higher, and the physical energy consumption is gradually reduced.

Since the beginning of the first century, several American biologists were passed by mice experiments, and the risk reduction of chronic diseases, the risk of chronic diseases, and the latency of life expectancy were obtained.

In the past few years, there are more and more various experiments show that mice and primate, which are limited, not only live, but also more healthy. Although this experiment is difficult to carry out human beings, many scientists have some indirect evidence that the restrictions of dietary heat may have positive effects on the human body, and explain that even if the heat is not extended, even if it can't extend life, it can delay aging, and benefit health.

These, more validates more about the health proverbs of "7 points and healthy to the old".

It can be seen that overweight and obesity have become today's society, which is a healthy and balance, and the idea of ​​admiring to seven points is particularly necessary.

What is the extent of seven points?

The so-called fullness is that after eating enough food, the brain receives information and feeds back information, so that we have reduced enthusiasm for eating, thereby restricting the amount of food and no longer eating.

If you evaluate your satiety as 10 levels, let's take a look at the status of the body.

One point: the hunger of dizziness, it seems that the "starting", which is the state of promoting appetite;

Very full: It is a "stop" signal generated by some column nutrition metabolites after eating.

70% of full: This is a kind of food, and you can eat a few mouthfuls. It can be imagined that it can eat the state before the fruit and desserts before the meal.

It can be seen that because we have a sensitive and difficult to overcome, while we are relatively habitually lagging behind, and enjoying the habit of complying with seven-curtain, long-term compliance. Easy.

What is the best dinner time?

For healthy adults, 70% of energy intake, it takes 4-6 hours during the day, while at night, because of sleep, the energy demand in the body's metabolism is reduced, it takes 12 hours to consume.

This makes it aware that if you eat too late, you will cause insufficient consumption, affect the next day's breakfast appetite and feed; if you eat too early or don't eat, you may be hungry in the middle of the night.

Therefore, in order to ensure that dinner energy intake is equally, the end of the dinner is the best before going to bed.

How to eat for dinner healthily?

Hunger, in fact, because of a physiological response to eating demand due to the stomach emptying of the central nervous system, it is also an unhappy psychological reaction that acquires food and urgently needs to meet.

If you are very hungry after dinner, you can drink some water or eat less low-calorie fruit (such as cherry, strawberry, pineapple, etc.), you can also try to transfer your favorite work or do handmade. force.

In fact, hunger before going to sleep can be prevented for a certain degree of prevention at dinner.

Dinner is 70% full, mostly because of too little dinner or too light.

The general population is in a healthy state, the energy intake of dinner should account for about 30% of the day, and nutrients should also meet human physiological needs. If the energy of the dinner is too low and the nutrient content is unreasonable, it will lead to fatigue, emotional disorders, and even cause certain physiological function attenuation, malnutrition, decline in immunity, and amenoreara.

The intake of dinners not only requires energy balance, but also is also important, with at least three types of foods:

(1) Whole grains, musan and oat potatoes: Pay attention to the two-third of the elderly;

(2) Fruits and vegetables, vegetables: Choose dark, fruit chooses low-sugar fruit, do not drink juice and drinks;

(3) The right amount of fish, poultry, lean meat and soybeans and products rich in high-quality proteins.

Healthy dinner should also insist on food diversification and low-fat and low salt, increased mixed meals rich in dietary fibers and animals and plants to achieve nutrition, and do not increase the internal organs burden and prolong the purpose of fullness.

Experts from this article: Lipo Ze, Director of Nutrition, Science and Technology, China Nutrition Society

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!