When you have dinner, you will drink "white wine" for a long time. What is the final body?

With the continuous development of our era, the wine has become a necessity in the world. Whether it is before or now, especially for some male friends, drinking skills is a way to release the pressure, and go to the old friends and other situations. It is indispensable, some people will drink, but they rarely drink, but some people like to drink a little while eating. It is said that often drinking time is long, will have an influence on our health, then this matter is true Does it?

When you have dinner, you will drink someone in a long time. How is your body?

【case analysis】

Mr. Zhang is 45 years old this year, and has long been a habit of drinking. Whether gathering is still at home, usually eat alcohol after dinner, according to Mr. Zhang, this is like a habit, every time I don't consciously pick up the wine glass and pour a bowl of wine. I will be particularly uncomfortable when I don't do it. Every time I drink my wife, I will fight with him, but Zhang Xinrun does not quit wine, but the more serious is more serious.

Over time, the wife's wife's drinking is also a matter of drinking, and Mr. Zhang has increasingly growing, but the physical condition has a series of issues. I didn't expect to find Mr. Zhang when the company's physical examination. There is a tendency of cirrhosis, and the doctor told that the cirrhosis is drinking, and the long-term drink will lead to deterioration in the elasticity of blood vessels. Lucky, dizziness, actually caused by alcohol.

What is the impact on the body for a long time?

1, induce cancer

Cancer analysis caused by alcohol, in fact, it is not more than the cigarette, take ordinary liquor, a bottle of liquor contains 80 grams of pure alcohol, and drink a bottle of a bottle in a week to calculate alcohol, resulting in cancer chance and dilute root smoke. The intensity is actually the same.

There are currently 7 kinds of cancers, and there is a certain relationship with drinking, pharyngeal carcinoma, laryngeal carcinoma, liver cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and rectal cancer. The induction of these cancers is actually a big relationship with the diet.

2, damage the brain

At this time, someone will say how could harm the brain? How is it to drink? The liver can promote the digestion of the stomach, why can I stimulate the brain?

In fact, alcohol is a paragraph of ethanol, so the phenomenon of drunkenness triggered a non-righteous language, the limbs are not coordinated, and the uncomfortable walking is unstable, and some experts pointed out that people who drink long-term drinks are prone to elderly dementia, because alcohol It will paralyze people's nerves, causing high incidence of dementia, so everyone is thinking about their own health, especially older people, must quit this little problem that loves to drink.

3, damage liver function

The best damage to the wine is our liver function, because alcohol, which is not digested, is decomposed by the liver, and if long-term drinking will increase the burden on the liver, it will also affect the blood circulation. When the liver is not working properly, the garbage toxin in the body will be accumulated. If you can't accumulate it for a long time, you will have the risk of alcoholic liver or cirrhosis.

4, stimulating the stomach

The stomach is the digestion and absorbent organ in our body. We eat the food we eat into the wine. First, we must pass its digestion and decomposition. If we drink liquor, drink alcohol will make the stimulus in alcohol, such as alcohol to stimulate the stomach. Function, harm our gastric mucosa, very influential to gastrointestinal digestion.

And the long-term drinking people will make the stomach function quickly decline, and it is easy to make people gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers, and even have a stomach bleeding, so everyone still quit tobacco and alcohol, drink plenty of water.

What do you pay attention to when drinking?

1, don't drink empty stomach

Everyone must eat a little food when drinking, if the empty abdomen will easily stimulate the gastric function, leading to the damage of the gastric mucosa, will increase the burden on the stomach to a certain extent, and it is very disadvantageous for our body. In the influence, you can eat some dishes or eat, such as yogurt, etc., to a certain extent, to a certain extent, to a certain extent.

2, don't drink too high wine

In fact, many people don't love to drink, but because of the pressure of work, the boss's entertainment makes him have to drink. Local on the dinner table, it is possible to alleviate the intake of alcohol. In this case, you can drink some kinds of alcohol, because the amount of alcohol contains ethanol content is also very low, and it can also reduce alcohol to the body. Bringing the stimulus, less drinks too high, because there are many layers above these highlights, not only bring some effects on our body, but also can drunken nausea, dizziness, headache and other symptoms.

3, don't mix and match

Many people love to drink a few wine, drink still a beer in the first second, and drink alcohol after you will act, the number of alcohols I will increase, and let our drunkenness accelerate our drunkenness, and wake up I will feel that the avatar is very uncomfortable, so don't put the wine and drink for everyone.

To reduce the burden on our gastrointestinal stomach, the best way is to quit the wine, in fact, no matter what kind of method, it will cause a certain damage to our stomach.

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