The kidney has "4 fear", raises the kidney, and keep the morning "three do not", before going to bed, "second must"!

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The kidney is an important excitement organ, which is like a "water purifier", filters the waste, toxins, etc., will be beneficial to the health of your health.

Once the kidneys are damaged, the garbage in the body cannot be discharged, and it will affect the health, and even threaten life.

The kidney has "4 fear", the more you do, the more serious the kidneys!

1. The kidney is afraid of "salty". Too much salt will increase the burden of the renal excretion, and it is easy to increase blood pressure.

2, kidney is afraid of "meat". Meat is high-protein food. If the protein is too high, the kidney burden will increase, resulting in glomerular injury, and induces nephrotic syndrome.

3, kidney is afraid of "medicine". "It is a three-point drug", not to mention "drug abuse", will damage the kidney, and even "drug poisoning", which will seriously cause acute renal failure.

4, kidney is afraid of "urinary". The urine will make urine in the bladder to more bacteria, and throw pyelonephritis.

Raise the kidneys, I have to record the "three don't" from the morning:

1, do not have a parlor in the morning.

After the morning, after a break, the body was restored, and some anxious men will be "intense sports" at this time.

After the morning, it is best not to take a line, because this time is easy to make the man's yang out, it is not very good to absorb the yang in the morning, time long, will cause kidney deficiency, which will not cost it.

2, don't drink drinks in the morning.

After a good metabolism, the body consumed a lot of water. At this time, some men habitually drink some drinks to fill hunger and thirst.

But the air-free drink not only hurts the gastric mucosa, but also increases the risk of renal stones, especially carbonated drinks.

3, do not smoke in the morning.

After you wake up in the morning, you will habit and you will get used to a smoke. I don't know that the smoking in the morning is easy to reduce the concentration of blood oxygen, so that the toxins are extended in vivo.

Smoking hurts kidney? Yes. Studies have shown that the relationship between smoking and kidney cancer is proportional.

Smoking will slow down the blood supply rate of renal, and the blood reduction of the blood flowing into the kidney will damage the function of the kidney.

History of smoking> 30 years, people who have no filter cigarettes have rising kidney cancer.

Raise the kidney, keep the "second must" before going to bed:

1, soaked before going to bed.

Bubble before going to bed, help to raise kidneys. Soak feet between 7-9 points, this time is the most weak time in the day of kidney, and the foot can effectively nourish the liver and kidney, and it is good to sleep in the whole body blood circulation.

2, you should urinate before going to bed.

Before going to bed, if you have urine, discharge it in time, don't go because it is difficult to do.

The most direct harm of urination is to induce urinary tract infections; the urine time will make bacteria along the ureteral, and throw pyelonephritis.

Raise the kidney, remember a sentence:

"Drink plenty of water, swallow salvage, eat more, caution, protect your feet, massage waist."

First, drink plenty of water

"Kidney main water", plenty of water can promote the discharge of urine in the body, reducing kidney damage.

When drinking water, you can add some kidney tea, which is beneficial to protect the kidneys.

麦 须 茶: Nursing renovation, diuretic inflammation

It is combined with all of the mats, jade bamboo, dandelion, and roses, make tea bags, one pack, hot water to brew tea, help diuretic inflammation, discharge toxins, prevent nephritis, kidney stones, etc. disease.

Fanmea, hopping, returning kidney, bladder Mimma must have a lot of private applications, used to treat urinary system infections, nephrotic syndrome, diabetes, jaundice, edema, etc.

竹 is a good medicine for nourishing Yin. Rose, tempered, neutralization, tone and tea.

Dandelion, there is a "urine toast grass", with good diuretic, anti-inflammatory role. The study found that dandelion contains vitamin C, vitamin B and dandelong ulons, can promote the activities of liver and kidney, improve the edema caused by the kidneys, and promote harmful substances.

Second, swallowed

Chinese medicine believes that "saliva" is divided into spit and stall. It is stunned, and the spleen is the main, the thick is salivated, the kidney.

The swallowing fluid has the effect of nourishing renal sodes and protecting the kidneys.

You can also do a small test:

A saliva in the mouth spit it out, less than a day, you will feel the soft waist, physical fatigue.

Three, eat more

Chinese medicine believes that "black into kidney", eat some black food everyday, nourish the kidney, delay aging.

Black beans, since ancient times is known as "Kidney Valley", the shape is similar to the human kidney, sweet, generic, toner, and lively blood, detoxification, moisturizing, more suitable for kidney percent.

Fourth, careful use

"It is the drug three-point" drug into the body in the body metabolism decomposition, excreted by the kidney.

It will reduce the immune function of the kidney for a long time to reduce the immune function of the kidney, which is easy to damage the kidney, and there is a problem of kidney disease, kidney weakness.

For long-term medicines, if there is a darkness, frequent urination is urgency, dry mouth, dry waist and knees, and even tinnitus, urinary blood, vision, etc., it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Five, protect your good feet

The kidney originates from the bottom of the foot, and the bottom of the foot is very susceptible to the invasion of the cold.

Therefore, the sky is gradually cooled, but must protect the feet, on the one hand, wear some socks, shoes, avoid cold invasion; on the other hand, you can use hot water.There are many foot acupuncture points, and the hot water soaking feet can be massaged, penetrated, thus protecting the kidneys.Add ginger, pepper, etc. when the foot is boiled, and the kidney maintenance will be better.

Six, massage waist

Chinese medicine believes that "waist is the government of the kidney", the waist is an important part of the kidney.Suitable massage waist is beneficial to nourish the kidneys.


The waist eye points are the most important one in the kidney acupuncture points, known as "foreign caves."

The lumbar eye points are located in a depressed depression of the abutment of the fourth lumbar sputum of the waist.

Chinese medicine believes that the waist eye points are located in the "belt", which is the part of the kidney.

Kidney is warm and cold, often massage the lumbar, can enjoy the blood.

Therefore, protect the waist, avoid wearing back, so that the waist is cold.



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