Summer health care

After May 1st, Tianyi hot, we ushered in the summer of the summer. Summer starts from the summer, with a small summer, mang, summer, small heat, big heat, stopped in the autumn day. Listen, all things are all growing, so the name is also available. People are used to taking the summer as a temperature obviously increased, and the sun will appear, thunderstorms increase, crops enter the peak seasonal growth.

Now people speak health, then what do you want to raise?

Yangyang gas. You look at this "raising" word how to write, one of the following people, raised a sheep, eat mutton, and put on the sheepskin warm ocean. In the past, "sheep" passed "Yang". Health is that people rose yang, so health is to raise Yang. Day reached a day, the earth rotated, the sun is liter, and it has formed a day night. Everyone wants to think about it, what is the change of daily? It is the moment of Yang. Due to the changes in the yang, it has been formed: the morning is in the morning, the yang is the most in the afternoon, and the yang in the afternoon is collected. Of course, the formation of a year is also impossible to change the changes in the yang. Every year, the motion trajectory of Yang is different, and the twenty-four hollow is different. One year from the four seasons, there is a lifting law of yang, which is the Spring Summer Changqiu Collection. The same truth, the human body also has a sun, which is our yang, it also has lifting law. Personal yang is also followed by nature, every day, every year, will result in a change in lifting.

So what are you raising in summer?

We said that spring and summer will receive winter, and the summer health is in "long". What is long? Long yang. What is long? It is divergent. After the spring gifted, when it was in the summer, our body would grow as vibrant growing like nature.

How is the ancients healthy?

The ancients have been following the "Yellow Emperor's Internal". "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics" pointed out: "Summer March, this is the Tomo, the sky is gas, everything, the night is getting up early, no more than the day, make the Huaying show, so that If you are leaking, if you love, this summer should be, the way of growth is also. "It means that the summer is three months in the natural world, and the plants are flowing, and the growth is strong. This includes three points:

First, the night is getting up early. That is, sleep (don't exceed 11 o'clock) get up early. Summer is dominated by divergence, the sky is late, the sky is bright, the light is long, which is conducive to everything. We slept later, start early, grow with the air of the weather and everything.

Second, it is ambiguous. It is necessary to make emotions are unlicensed, make the colorful glow, so that the yang in the body is naturally scattered, just like the pleasant mood. This is the law that is in the summer, protects the body's energy.

Third, no toad day. Don't hate the sun, don't fear the sun in the day. Our modern people are afraid of sunning, hiding in the air-conditioned house is comfortable, and the ancients use five words "if they love it" tell us how to get close to nature.

Summer is so hot, will it take to heat up?

The fellows don't live in the sky every day? Still their body. When we take a while, we will easily heat stroke, and the mother-in-law is easy to heat, the actual body is weak, cannot be fused with the heavens. We have to avoid the door to go out, one night, come to the outdoor activities, isn't it very good?

Summer is a fire in the five elements, in the five organs, the heart is a fire, so the five organs corresponding to the human body in the summer are heart. The fire will naturally burn some water, which is the organte? - Yes, kidney! Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that in summer, the heart is hot, and the renal water is decadent, even if it is a hot day, it should also try to avoid eating cold things. If the summer is greedy, it is fast, it is easy to let the evil wind enter the muscles and even bone marrow, lightly cold headache, skin fever, joint acid pain, and severely induced severe disorders such as medium-stricken hemiplegia.

I remember that when I was a small family, my grandmother watered a water, letting it hit the water from the well, let it rise, and watered in the evening, saying that the well is too cold, affecting the loofah growing. Our family will raise flowers. Do you give them a grateful ice water every day? The meridian of the gastrointestinal tract is Yang Mingjing and the sun. It is a place where the yang gathers. You a bottle of ice drinks from the mouth to the gastrointestinal, the mouth is comfortable, and the result can only pay the gastrointestinal tract.

In the clinic often encounter a friend who is flustered, it is normal to make an electrocardiogram, which is symptomatic, and the Chinese medicine is syndrome. These people like to drink a lot of cool water in the morning, the water is fire, the heart is fire, and a lot of cool water is fired. Chinese medicine, heart and small intestines, the heart is deficiency, many people are not shaped. Diet and health, you need to care for Cao Yanyuan. It is a bit healthy, which is a bit of health; and if you hurt a distinctive sun, you must have a spleen. I have been hurt for a long time, the temper is good, and the day after the sky is lost, then the medium focuses on the world.

This seems quite serious, and modern people are not willing to believe. Some people will say, now everyone uses air conditioners, eats ice cream, not there? Is it that serious?

Chinese medicine believes that in summer, "气 外, 伏 阴". In the summer, the yang gantry is in the table, and the inner (such as a spleen and stomach) is cold. If you continue to eat cold food, the human body needs to use too much yang to deal with these cold. Things, that is, it is not a day, but it will violate the natural movement will consume too much energy. There is a saying called "Winter eat radish summer to eat ginger, don't need a doctor,", why do you want to eat ginger? The reason is here.

However, some people say that ginger is not hot?

Summer is easier to get wet, especially the spleen and stomach, easy to be wet, and remove wet evil must take temperature drugs, ginger has this function, can spleen temperate and dampness.

Another reason for eating ginger in the summer is that people will eat more cool food, hiding in the air-conditioned room for a long time, which is more likely to be cold than winter.The current cold is often the cold in autumn and winter, and the cold in the summer is more cold. This is poor in the cold, and there is no air conditioning.

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