People are not old "whitehead", old Chinese medicine Xuanxi's "remedy", one-white hair

Nowadays, many people have long been a long white hair, which not only affects the image, but also feels inferior, do not dare to go out, seriously lead to psychological diseases, many people feel that they don't hurt, and they have not to go to multi-tube. It will also be dyed, but others don't say, there will be too many dyes will also harm your health. So what is it caused by less white heads, may be malnutrition, it may be that genetic factors may be too stressful. Let's give everyone a few white-headed squares, I hope to help everyone.

1, the first black red dates porridge

Item: 50 grams of He Shouwu, 5 red dates, 10 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of glutinous rice

Practice: First put in the pan, then fry the medicine, after removing the slag, wash the glutinous rice and red dates, mix together, add water to porridge, porridge, add brown sugar.

Efficacy: Polygonum Insomnia, can nourish blood and raise liver, solidifying kidney, has great effects on young white hair.

2, mulberry cream

Item: mulberry, honey

Practice: Use gauze to squeeze the mulberry juice, put in the ceramic vessel, use a small fire to make a paste, add the appropriate amount of honey to make modulation, put it in the bottle, then take 2 tablespoons, boil water, once every day Can.

Efficacy: mulberry cold, can raise blood, yin, moisturizing, nourishing the heart, used for dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations and insomnia, less white heads are effective, can raise blood, Qing inner heat.

In addition to diet, these things can also help reduce white hair generation.

1, eat more food, vegetables, melon fruit, to supplement the body to generate the nutrients of black hair, you can also eat some animal liver, rich in copper elements, eat tomatoes, potatoes, etc. vegetable.

2, still alleviate the emotions, the spiritual pressure is big, you can make an appropriate call, you can also go out to release it.

3, if there is a few whiteheads, the head hygiene should also pay attention to regular shampoo, try to choose a gentle and unpleasant water when the head is washed, and then it must be blown to sleep after washing, wet hair Sleeping, the cold will invade the head, or it may result in the generation of white hair.

4, also often massage the scalp, which facilitates promoting the blood circulation of the head, which can promote the hair absorption of more nutrients and every morning.

The above is to give everyone a few white diet, I hope to help everyone. If you have any questions, you can leave a message below, do your best to answer, thank you.

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