Pay attention!Don't eat these 8 kinds of food when you have an empty stomach!Don't eat hungry again ~

The body needs to supplement food to make each organ work normally.

When the lack of energy is hungry,

At this time, the desire to eat will continue to improve.

When seeing any food around you

It will not hesitate to plug in the mouth.

I don't know some food.

Even if the stomach is hungry, you can't eat empty stomach.

Which foods can't be eaten in the empty stomach?


The persimmon contains a large amount of tanninic acid and pectin, these substances and gastric acids produce chemical reactions and generate unusually dissolved gel stones, which will constantly stimulate the gastric mucosa, leading to the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting. In the fasting stomach, the stomach will secrete a lot of stomach acid, and if you eat persimmons, it will react with the gastric acid.


The bananas contain magnesium, which is a substance that affects the function of the heart. Eating bananas in an empty stomach will increase body magnesium element content, resulting in an affected cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.


The pectin in the tomatoes is also relatively high, and the aerospaceic is chemically reacted in an empty stomach, leading to the increase in stomach, further cause pain. Moreover, there is only vitamins, cellulose and moisture in tomatoes, but also can't be saturate, but also affect the stomach to absorb other nutrients.


Hawthorn acid and organic acid in hawthorn are very rich, and they will give stimuli to gastric mucosa. And the hawthorn will cause hunger, causing the stomach antic acid, and the people who are discomfort will appear in an empty stomach.

Milk and yogurt

Milk is rich in protein, drinking milk protein in an empty stomach will be converted into thermal energy and is consumed, plus and gastric acid combining will stimulate the gastric mucosa, affect digestive function.


The green garlic in the garlic will cause stomach spasm and gastric colic in the state of the air, especially in the state of the fasting, affecting food digestion and absorption.


A large amount of protein decomposes enzyme in pineapple, which stimulates the gastric mucosa is damaged by gastric mucosa. Eating pineapple in an empty stomach will stimulate gastric acid secretion, leading to disgusting vomiting and other discomfort.

Soy milk

Drinking soy milk in an empty stomach will make the protein in the soy milk are treated as energy consumption, and will increase the burden of intestines, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort.

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