Why don't you recommend everyone to do "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"?The doctor said the truth, let's take a look.

With the improvement of health awareness, people will pay more and more attention to physical health. Once there is an uncomfortable symptom, they will go to the hospital for inspection. Nuclear magnetic resonance check is a relatively wide inspection method for clinical applications. It can be intuitive. The patient's lesion.

Magnetic resonance imaging is currently clinically commonly used diagnostic inspections. This check mainly utilizes a magnetic resonance device, by scanning the patient's disease, obtaining the image of the site, helping the doctor understands whether the patient's inspection site has a lesion and the range of lesions, and provides a basis for subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

I don't know if you have encountered this situation when you go to the hospital, many doctors do not recommend that patients do nuclear magnetic resonance checks, what is the reason? Let's take a look.

What is nuclear magnetic resonance?

Nuclear magnetic resonance is also called magnetic resonance imaging and is an imaging device for medical imaging examination. Its basic principle is to place the human body in a special magnetic field, using a radio frequency pulse, exciting the hydrogen nuclei in the human body causes resonance to the occurrence of hydrogen son, and absorb energy.

After stopping the radio frequency pulse, the hydrogen nuclei has a weak electromagnetic signal at a specific frequency, and the signal is released.

The detector can capture this weak electromagnetic signal, and through the processing of the electronic computer, obtain an image of the tissue and organ inside the human body, which is the nuclear magnetic resonance check.

Why don't you recommend everyone to do "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"?

Some diseases are not suitable for magnetic resonance examination

We all know the same medicine, the test is also the same. Many organs have specific inspection methods, not to say a check method to check all organs. For example, gastrointestinal mirrors cannot check the lungs.

Magnetic resonance is also the same, and the working principle of magnetic resonance is to use the resonance of the hydrogen atom in the patient to be inspected. So, if there is no moisture, the magnetic resonance is not used, such as the lungs and the heart moisture content, it is clear that it is not suitable for magnetic resonance examination.

Check the cost

Although the magnetic resonance check is clearer, the doctor's diagnosis is improved, but the machine of the magnetic resonance check is also more advanced, then the cost is higher.

Of course, these fees need to be bled to every patient, so this check is also expensive, and the magnetic resonance check is less than a thousand yuan. It is also a small fee for ordinary families.

Check time long

Nuclear magnetic resonance is not like a normal CT, it takes a long time, and you need to scan the whole body when checking, and you will divide the body into several parts check, about half an hour, if you accidentally appear in the inspection, It takes a second time for the third time.

There are too many people who have a nuclear magnetic inspection now. Someone is queued every day, so doctors do not recommend Monkey Vonimposition in addition to nuclear magnetic resonance.

Taboo issues for nuclear magnetic resonance

1. A population with close-up phobia, which will have fear.

2, patients with cardiac pacemakers, cardiac pacemakers, belong to electronic equipment, such as patients entering nuclear magnetic resonance check, electronic devices may have disorder or stop.

3, patients with insulin pumps, insulin pumps contain metal components, and belong to electronic equipment, and patients should not perform nuclear magnetic resonance examination.

4, patients with huge metallic grafts in the body, such as early hip joints to stainless steel ground, such as patients entering the magnetic field, may have mechanical effects on the body.

5, do not make up, color, some cosmetics, such as nail polish, sunscreen, liquid foundation, etc., contain metal components, will also react with the magnetic field, try to select Yan to check.


It is recommended that everyone should follow the doctor's inspection. Don't think that it is expensive to be the highest level of diagnosis rate. In fact, only the method of inspection is the most correct!

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!