Before entering the winter, give the five internal organs "wash bath", row vents, winter tonic, and half-effort, less sick

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There is a saying that "this year's winter is tonic, the Tiger will be tiger next year".

Winter tonic, especially for human health!

Human reached winter, it also entered the "Sealing" period. At this time, the appropriate tonic can make nutrients to absorb the balance, and thereby play a better role to help human health.

However, before entering the winter, we must give the body "detoxification" work, so that when the winter is tonic, it will be half-meter.

Before entering the winter, give the five internal organs "wash bath", row vents, winter tonic, and half-effort, less sick

One: Give the heart "bath", detoxify

1, eat "three red"

Chinese medicine, red into the heart, eat more red food, helps heart health, but also in heart detoxification.

red beans

Red beans, there is a "Valley of Heart", which can be clear, can also replenish blood, is a good food that is good to detoxify.


Tomatoes contain a large amount of lycopene to improve the body's oxidation capacity, eliminate free radicals, etc., help heart health.

Red grapefork

Red pompections can promote metabolism, go to fire, and rich vitamin C, which helps to be healthy and detoxified.

2, drink "two water"

Lotus seed water

Using "bitter" to heart, it is not done, lotus core, taste, can send fire, it is considered to be the best to resolve the heart of heart.

With lotus coil water, drink tea, you can detoxify your heart, you can add some gousse, enhance the detoxification of lotus seeds.

Light bamboo leaves

Drinking with light bamboo leaves, drinking water, not only beneficial to heart health, but also detoxifying.

The heart is hot, there is less urine, when the tongue is hurt, drink water with a light bamboo leaves, can help urinate, detoxify.

3, 揉 "one nest"

That is:

The armpit, there is a poem, is the main acupoints of the heart, can remove the fire and autism, which is conducive to the exclusion of wet poison.

Location: Located in the pulse of the pulse.

Practice: Put four fingers, placed under the armpits, clockwise and counterclockwise massage, exchange once every 10 times, repeatedly press, until the acid, hemp, hot feelings, then change the other side, generally need 3 ~ 5 minute.

Second: Give the liver "bathe", detoxify

1, eat "three green"

Chinese medicine, green into the liver, often eat green food, help liver detoxification, reduce the burden on the liver.


Asparagus can exclude moisture in vivo, take the toxin through the intestines, and take away the urethra.

Also, amino acids in asparagus, and minerals can alleviate the symptoms of hangover and protect liver cells from alcoholic toxins.


Broccoli, rich in radish, is a highly antioxidant plant chemical component that enhances the detoxification capabilities of the liver.

Hollow dish

Hollow dish, crude fiber content is extremely rich, helps human body detoxification.

Also, it also contains rich vitamin C and carotene, which is very beneficial for liver health.

2, drink "two water"

Dandelion root water

Dandelion, everywhere, in most parts of my country, there are wild dandelions.

Dandelion, all brades can be used in medicine, in terms of rolling liver, preferred dandelion root.

Made dandelion roots, washed, cut into pieces, and make a dandelion root tea.

Dandelion, into the liver, good at rustic liver, prevent liver damage, especially for alcoholic liver injury, the effect is remarkable.

Dandelion, the functionality of the milk thistle is not the most commonly used in patients who need to go to hepatotoxic.

Especially dandelion roots, it is the most important natural nutrition in many cases in which C-type hepatitis.

Dandelion roots, can also enhance liver regeneration capacity and promote self-recovery of the liver.

Jujube water

In Chinese medicine, there is a "liver soup" of the red dates to raise liver detoxification.

There are related experiments to prove that continuous drinking red dates water can increase the human serum protein, more conducive to the synthesis of proteins, thus playing the role of maintaining the liver.

Red jujube water, it is best to use it, better, often drink, rolling liver, protect liver health, is a good choice.

3, press "a hole"

That is: Taichuang.

Frequently pressed by 揉 太 穴, contribute to liver detoxification, and also beneficial to lower liver and reduce liver injury.

Location: Located on the back side, the first and second metatutaneous binding portions are depressed.

Massage: Left thumb finger abdomen

Three: "Bath" to the spleen and stomach, detoxify

Chinese medicine, yellow into the spleen, eat more yellow food, can strengthen the spleen, which is conducive to spleen and stomach detoxification.

1, eat "three yellow"

Yellow millet

Huang Milters, with the blood of the stomach, porridge, "generations of" generations ", is good for all spleen and stomach health, but also improve the indigestion, and use the body to detoxify.


Pumpkin, tempered, sweet, into the spleen, stomach, can make up the strength, anti-inflammatory sterilization, beneficial to spleen and stomach health.


Carrots, the spleen, rushing the stomach, the effect of snack, not only benefit the spleen and stomach health, but also promotes the human body detoxification.

2, drink "two water"

warm water

Water water at 35 ° C ~ 40 ° C, the most raised spleen and stomach, is the most comfortable temperature of the gastrointestinal feel.

After getting up early, drink a cup of warm water, you can promote gastrointestinal motility, help detoxification, and help the gastrointestinal road "reduction".

Jasmine tea

Jasmine, the main temperature spleen and stomach, there is a ribbon, the moisture, and the moisture, the middle refers to the spleen and stomach in the center.

Drink with jasmine water, help spleen and stomach detox, you can warm the stomach pain.

3, 揉 "one place"

That is: the abdomen.

Frequently 揉, can promote digestion, beneficial to spleen and stomach, promote spleen and stomach detoxification.

I have nothing to do, you can blink, benefit, promote detox, healthier.

Four: Give the lung "bath", detoxify

1, eat "three white"

Chinese medicine, white into the lungs, eat more white food, can lung clear lungs.

White radish

White radish, hoster, lung, can be cleverned, the gas is wide, and the immunity is enhanced, and there must be a certain mitigation of cough.

Eat more white radish, which helps the lung detoxification, can also alleviate the discomfort of throat.


荸荠, has the reputation of "underground snow pear", juice, sweet, moisturizing, phlegm, cleaning, heat, improving pulmonary heat cough, etc.

Eat more, and help the lung detoxification.


Sydney, fat juicy, moistening lungs, cough, phlegm, help to clear the lungs, help lung detoxification

Sydney, raw, juicer, stew or pick up, all.

2, drink "two water"

Tail ginseng tea

The tail ginseng is a good medicine for nourishing Yin, a good medicine, sweet sauce, soft and liable, and is listed as topped by the "Shennong Herb".

Its soaked water, you can clear the lungs, nourish the wind, and retain the wind, and the wind is exhausted, due to the lung detoxification.

Silver rice soup

The silver fungus helps the lung detoxification, drinking soup, is a good choice.

Also, the silver ear is cooked, but also can be born in Jin Runfei, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, can be died in autumn and winter.

3, knock "a hole"

That is:

Knocking to stimulate the lungs, enhance the breathing function, comfortable in the chest, helps the phlegm of the body, help the lung detoxification.

Location: The third thoracic spine is spine, and the two fingers are open.

Practice: Sitting in front of sleep, two knees are separated, hands on the thigh, head is closed, relax, and strive for Dantian. Inhalation, two hands holding the air fist, light down the lungs, and stand alternate.

Five: Give kidney "bath", detoxify

1, eat "three black"

Chinese medicine speaking, black into the kidney, often eating black food, helping kidney health.

Black beans

Black beans, known as the ancients as "kidney valley", can supplement the kidneys, boom, boiled tea, boil porridge, soup, all good food methods.

black rice

Black rice, rich in protein, amino acids, and iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, cooking porridge, is a good choice.

Black sesame

Black sesame, liver and kidney, gravy, can be chewed directly, or make black sesame paste, boiled sesame porridge, cold dishes, etc.

2, drink "two water"

Longzhu bamboo tea

Use dragon must, dandelion roots, jade bamboo, rose, and be crushed into tea bags, soaking water for tea, can promote kidney detoxification.

Dragon must, enter the kidney, bladder, pink urine, gallbladder, promote kidney detoxification.

Dandelion has a "urine torthery", can be profitable, to promote detox, reduce the burden of the kidney.

Jade bamboo is a good medicine for nourishing Yin. Rose, playing into neutralization.

With it together, drink water, promote kidney detoxification, which is beneficial to protect kidney health.

Mulberry water

Mulberry, nutritional value is extremely high, nourishing liver, kidney, nourishing yin, nourishing blood, black hair, delay aging.

Use it to drink water, beneficial kidney detoxification, protect kidney health.

3, 揉 "one nest"

That is: the foot woven.

Foot woven, hidden human health care points - Yongquan points.

Yongquan points, for the first point of the kidney meridians, according to the foot, helps strong kidney, promote kidney detoxification.

Location: Located in the second and 3nd toe sewing tip ends at the supertial depression, it is at one-third of the front and conjunction.

Practice: Press your thumb, or take it, you can.

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