Develop a good habit of eating, or reduce blood pressure, don't miss it!

In daily life, many people call high blood pressure is a rich disease, which is especially due to the emergence of hypertension and the improvement of diet; so if you want to control blood pressure, then you need to develop good eating habits, such as Through some eating habits, the amount of food is controlled, which can not only reduce the risk of obesity, but also help control the blood pressure level. Patients with hypertension pay attention, eat 7 good habits, help to lower blood pressure!

■ Hypertensive patients have seen 7 kinds of eating habits, or can reduce blood pressure!

● Don't let snacks around you:

In daily life, I like friends who eat snacks, don't put snacks around; after all, there is not only no nutrient substances in snacks, and even higher grease and heat, it is easy to increase the risk of obesity, causing blood pressure to fluctuate.

● Stay away from temptation:

In daily life, friends who love to eat are usually no way to refuse food, so if you want to control your appetite, then you need to stay away from temptation; try to avoid eating people with a lot of food, or you will be I don't know a lot of food, but also need to stay away from desserts to avoid intake of excessive sugar.

● Eat, you need to concentrate on:

In daily life, you still need to concentrate on dinner. If you do things while you eat, you will be distracted, causing unknowns that you can take a lot of food, not only affect weight loss, but also unfavorable blood pressure control.

● Eating a second bowl of rice to drink cup of tea:

In daily life, if you want to better control blood pressure, it is best to have a cup of tea before the second bowl of rice. In the waiting time, you can make a stainless central nerve to retaliate, thus playing the role of controlling appetite; not only It can reduce the obese maturity, and can reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol, which is very beneficial to control blood pressure.

● During the day three meals a day:

In daily life, patients with hypertension still need to develop a good habit of three meals a day, which can reduce the chance of snacks, after all, many snacks have higher heat, it is easy to increase fat and fat, which will cause intravascular The lipid content is increased, which is very unfavorable to control the blood pressure level. It is recommended that breakfast is rich in nutrients, lunch is appropriate, and the dinner is 7 or 8 minutes.

● Reduce the speed of eating:

In daily life, you will need to develop a good habit of chewing choppy, allowing food to get into the digestive system in full chew, so that the burden of gastrointestinal burden is reduced, and there is a certain benefit to prevent all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases; Chewing slowness can also increase the time of eating, and can reduce the food intake before the brain receives the satiety signal; so people who have a speed of food, but also need to develop at least 20 times more than 20 times.

● Match a variety of dishes:

In daily life, the dishes on the dinner table have tried to be some, especially more vegetables, can ensure that the patient's intake is enough nutrients, and can make people feel full, reduce the intake of the staple food, after all, if it takes too much carbon water The compound will increase the risk of obesity and is very unfavorable to control blood pressure.

Conclusion: In daily life, controlling food is very beneficial for controlling blood pressure in the body; The lipid substance increases, causing the blood vessel to change, increase blood flow resistance, resulting in fluctuating blood pressure, so when you eat, please control your diet through a variety of good habits.

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