Neurology expert: Before the cerebral infarction, the body or will give "reminders", don't take serious

It is very familiar with the cerebral infarction. Everyone is very familiar. The cerebral infarction is an acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease, the death rate and the disability rate are very high, which seriously affects the quality of life, especially the middle-aged and older. Favoring people.

There are many reasons for induced cerebral infarction, common in atherosclerosis, including cardiogenic embolism, vascular, immune-related diseases, etc., and even unknown diseases, it will also cause cerebral infarction.

For the treatment of cerebral infarction, patients need to develop relevant treatment programs for different etiology, not only to save the relative function of the infarct brain, and hope to make long-term prevention programs by assessing and clearing the root cause of cerebral infarction to formulate long-term prevention programs. Reduce the risk of the patient again.

Therefore, it is clinically confident that the patients with cerebrovascular disease will be repeated, not only to stabilize the symptoms and signs, but also want to develop long-term programs to avoid the stroke, avoiding the risk of disability.

01 [Case Sharing]

Mr. Zhao is 53 years old. His lives in Qingdao, Shandong, operates a small store, and has always been very healthy, and I have a cold in the first year. I can't burn a few times, but I have a few months, Mr. Zhao often feels her dizziness. Chest tightness, sometimes it is weak.

Just after a few days ago, I just wanted to go to the building, but I didn't expect to go out of the home, fainting in the ground, fortunately, my family heard the sound, dialing 120, send Mr. Zhao to the hospital, after the doctor The full rescue, Mr. Zhao finally saved a life.

Although there is no sense of life, Mr. Zhao has also left serious sequelae - the left limb is hemiplegia, and the family is very doubtful for Mr. Zhao, and the family is very healthy. How to have a good end Cerebral infarction?

After the consciousness of Mr. Zhao, he learned in the exchange of the doctor. It turned out that Mr. Zhao suddenly did not have a sign. As early as a few months ago, I didn't respond, but Mr. Zhao did not put it on the heart. This makes the condition continue to wear.

02 Neurology expert: Before the coming cerebral infarction, the body will give "reminders", don't take serious

Li Jiye, director of the Department of Neurology, Shandong Province, said that before the attack, the body will give a certain reminder before the attack, and the cerebral infarction is due to the ischemic brain ischemia, the top 6 weeks is the most obvious. At the time, the body will also have a significant discomfort.

(1) Sleepy sleep

With the weight of cerebral arteriosclerosis, the arterial cavity is getting narrower, and the cerebral ischemia has deteriorated around 80%, and there will be frequent yawning situations before 5 to 10 days of cerebral infarction. This is the shortage of breathing. Oxygen reactions, so don't ignore this important alarm signal.

(2) Transient vision impairment

If the vision is normal, it suddenly appears the blurred vision, the field of view, and the incomplete look of things, and this situation will recover from itself within an hour, this is also a prediction signal for early cerebral infarction, thousand Don't just think that it is a problem.

(3) Dizziness headache

For most patients with cerebral infarction, there will be a headache in the previous period of the disease, and the headache is suddenly aggravated, or the interrupted headache is turned into a persistent headache. At the same time, it is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Situation, this is the ancestors of hemorrhagic cerebral infarction.

(4) Something and exercise abnormalities

For example, the hierarchical single limb numbness or weakness, the hand is filled with the object, the reason is unknown, fainted or falling, single side paparaphic, this symptom duration is within 24 hours. According to the tracking survey, this phenomenon was found 3 to 5 years after the occurrence of this phenomenon, about more than half of people will have an ischemic cerebral infarction.

(5) Spirit and language changes

For normal people, in the usual mental state and language are very full of fluent, but suddenly, there is a sudden pronunciation, disturbance, writing difficulties, sudden changes, silent, expressive or impatient, short-lived Judging or intellectual disorder, etc., must pay more attention to it, it is very likely to be a propaganda of cerebral infarction.

(6) Other amendment performance

For example, nausea and vomiting, blood pressure fluctuations are too large, and often accompanied by dizziness and tinnitus or unknown reasons for repeated nasal bleeding, most of them are recent actions in high blood pressure cerebral hemorrhage.

03 Want to avoid the occurrence of cerebral infarction, do these things in us

1, quit smoking and drinking

Nowadays, smoking seems to be a social essential, especially for many elderly people, but also a veritable old smoke, old alcohol, long-term smoking, not only caused disease, but also very easy to induce Cerebral infarction.

The cigarette contains more than 3,000 harmful substances. After the nicotine is sucked into the human body, it will stimulate the plant nerve, causing blood vessel spasm, speeding up, blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol, accelerates the arteriosclerosis, long-term alcohol abuse will also induce the pulse hardening Produce, so I want to prevent cerebral infarction. Everyone must quit smoking will stop.

2, work and rest

Now with the rhythm of life, people's work pressure is getting bigger and bigger. It is very easy to cause sub-health states in high-voltage environments. Therefore, it has also been clinically more and more young people have also been cerebral infarction. Threats, such people must pay attention to rest and avoid too tired.

In addition, for some elderly, due to the limited energy physical strength, it is necessary to sit in the usual newspaper, or lying down and listening to the radio, sufficient rest is very necessary, but appropriate activities also help to improve brain blood circulation Helps to prevent cerebral infarction. 3, active exercise

Due to the speed of life, plus the changes in the working nature, more and more people have long been facing the computer work, almost very few time to go outdoor sports, long-term lack of exercise will not only lead to obesity, but also induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood vessels Disease, is extremely unfavorable to health.

Therefore, everyone must actively participate in outdoor exercise, can increase fat consumption, reduce cholesterol deposition in patients with cerebral infarction, improve insulin sensitivity, for patients with cerebral infarction, and appropriate physical exercise at usually appropriate Jogging, walking, playing the oxygen exercise such as Tai Chi.

4, control weight

Now, with the improvement of living standards, the diet structure has changed a lot, and the big fish is a frequent visitor on the table, plus people sedentary, and body obesity is inevitable.

Controlling weight is also one of the important factors to prevent cerebral infarction, as far as possible to maintain BMI at 18.5-24.9kg / m2, waist circumference, and can prevent cerebral infarction to a large extent.

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