7 kinds of food will reduce the child's IQ, don't want children to be more stupid, eat less

When parents, they are looking to be a dragon. I hope that the woman is a phoenix. Don't worry about how open-minded people, once the child is learning, it will always urge the child to learn, I hope that my child is the smartest.

In general, the current child is naturally stupid, one is a ghost el-wise, can be learned, it seems to be slow, this is what is going on?

Don't look for the reason from the child, parents must self-examine, is it for children to eat too much to pull low IQ, causing children to be more and more stupid?

7 kinds of food will reduce the child's IQ, don't want children to be more stupid, eat less

1, lead food

After the excess lead enters the blood, it is difficult to exclude and will directly damage the brain.

Like popcorn, pine eggs, beer contains more lead, traditional iron cans and glass bottles, also contain a certain number of lead, so these "canned food" parents should also let children eat less.

2, aluminum food

The fritters, oil cakes, adding alum as a rising agent during production, and alum (aluminum dioxide) contain high aluminum, often eating can reduce memory, and slow response.

Therefore, parents should let their children quit the habit of breakfast with fritters and oil cakes.

3, carbonated drink

Carbonated drinks have children love to drink, many adults love to drink, caffeine in cola beverages, the organs of all organizers that have not yet developed have been harmful.

In addition, it will also hinder the body's absorption of calcium, which is very bad for children who are in the growth and development stage, which not only affects the body, but also affects intelligence.

4, jelly

Jelly is formulated by thickeners, flavors, colorants, sweeteners, etc., these food additives eat more or often, affect children's growth and development and intelligence.

5, pickled food

Including pickles, mustard, bacon, salted fish, bean paste, and various marinated candied food.

Such foods contain excessive salts, not only cause diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, but also damage to the brain arterial blood vessels, causing ischemic hypoxia of brain cells, causing child memory, and slow intelligence.

6, more fresh food

Food containing MSG (sodium glutamate) will lead to serious lack of zinc within 1 year of age.

Zinc is one of the most critical elements of brain development, so even if the child is slightly large, it should be less for him to add a lot of MSG, such as various puffed food, fish dry, bubble noodles, pickles, etc.

7, trans fat snack

Trans-fat will cause young children to lack the necessary fatty acids, which affect their growth and development, and may cause the lack of childbrendy brain, affect their intellectual development.

So the following food parents should pay special attention: artificial butter, instant noodles, potato chips, french fries, coconut flour, sesame paste, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, etc., may have trans fat.

Six kinds of nutrients, nutrition brains, more and smart!

1, α-linolenic-plant brain gold

Modern medicine and nutrition confirmation, α-linolenic acid has an efficacy of intelligence and vision, and has important significance for protecting human health, improving the number of physiological functions of human body, α-linolenic acid enjoys "plant brain gold in the nutritional" The reputation is the core substance that makes up the cellular cell cells.

However, α-linolenic acid is very scarce in ordinary food, only a wide variety of vegetable oils such as purple Sunsum oil, autumn mastic oil, etc.

2, lecithin-memory good helper

The main components of lecithin are choline, and choline is also known as "memory factor".

Acetylcholine synthesized from choline is a very important transfer medium, which plays a very important role in the formation of nerve impulses, myelin formation and memory center (hippocampics) in the brain.

In addition to animal liver, lecithin is in the egg yolk.

3, taurine-brain active agent

Taurine is a simple structure-containing sulfur-containing acid, which is generally in various tissues of animals in various tissues of animals, and has a significant promotion of human brain nerve cells. The nerve, improve the role of neurotrophic environment.

The liver of terrestrial animals contains rich is amorphous, and the content of fish and shells in marine creatures are the most abundant.

4, iodine-developmental power

Iodine is a substance that promotes body and intellectual development, enhances nerve and muscle tissue function. The long-term lack of iodine in adolescents can cause intellectual development disorders, physical developmental disorders.

Sea products are more iodine content than terrestrial food, kelp, seaweed, egg, soybeans, cabbage, etc. can be iodine.

5, vitamin α - brain, eye growth momentum

Vitamin alpha maintains the normal structure and function of epithelial tissue, participate in visual cell synthesis, maintain visual functions, protect vision, improve cellular immune function, and promotes growth and development and bone metabolism.

Food rich in vitamin α is mainly in red, yellow, green various vegetables, fruits, and animal liver. Specific food with chicken liver, milk, carrot, pumpkin, leeks, tomato, broccoli, apricot, papaya, orange, etc.

6, vitamin B1 - Neurofunction

Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine, which is involved in energy metabolism, which is a plurality of enzymes in vivo.

Vitamin B1 is not only an important role in nerves, but also maintains normal functions from the heart. It promotes brain activities by helping protein metabolism, and is a helper that mental activity.

Food rich in vitamin B1 has cereals, beans and dried fruits.Animal internal organs (heart, liver, kidney), lean meat, and eggs are also higher.Note: All pictures are from the network, if there is any infringement to contact delete.

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