"Natural Aspirin" or has been found, if you often eat, or can be healthy

Lead: Cardiovascular disease is currently one of the most dangerous clinical diseases of middle-aged and adolescents, according to investigation, China's cardiovascular disease mortality accounts for 38.7% of the world, 2019-220, China Rural residents The mortality rate of cerebral blood is second only to tumors.

Experts have said that human cardiovascular disease accounts for the first place in the total number of global tumor diseases, through investigations, the mortality rate of tumors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has carried out corresponding research, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases cannot be effectively treated and Control, with the transformation of the disease, will develop into metabolic tumor disease.

Clinically, 62.2% of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have limited walking ability due to disease complications, and cannot complete normal self-care ability. The most terrible cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is that even death, due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, the body is under The bed is also bedridden and the drug is maintained.

Aspirin is a commonly used and necessary drug for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. This drug can help the body to remove harmful substances in the blood, maintain normal vascular function, and is called the middle-aged and elderly people as "treatment of blood vessel longevity tonic".

What disease can aspirin treat?

1, rheumatic heat

The drug can effectively treat rheumatic heat, reduce inflammation, improve joint symptoms, reduce blood sugar levels, especially those with myocarditis, if I use aspirin, can avoid rebound.

2, prevent heart disease

This drug can avoid platelet aggregation, reduce thrombosis, prevent cerebral infarction and cerebral ischemia, for some patients, usually take this drug to avoid thrombosis, such as atrial fibrillation and arteriovenous fistula.

3, rheumatoid arthritis

Such patients can also take this medicine to improve redness and heat pain, improve the therapeutic effect, and they can also obtain an auxiliary treatment of ankylosing spondylitis and osteoarthritis.

What kind of side effects will be brought to the body for a long time?

1, causing gastrointestinal symptoms

The ingredients in aspirin caused gastrointestinal motility, and gastrointestinal motility is unfinished. Normal digestive absorption capacity can directly metabolize all nutrients directly through the metabolic function, induce abdominal crane.

2, allergy

Aspirin has a certain allergic effect in clinical practice. If patients with allergies have not been allergic before use, they will cause nervous system inhibition, leading to vascular nerve edema, local urticaria, eczema and other allergic reactions.

"Natural Aspirin" or has been found, if you often eat, or can be healthy

1, spinach

Spinach, also known as Persian, rich in folic acid, according to medical research, folic acid can promote blood cystine metabolism, excessive cystine levels can cause vascular endothelial damage, promote the formation of plaques, resulting in vascular stenosis Blocking, taking folic acid can reduce 25% of cardiovascular disease risk.

2, cabbage

Cabbage is a very common vegetables in life. Its price is cheap. It is very nutritious, so it is very popular.

But when you eat this kind of vegetables, you must choose the simplest cooking method, otherwise you will destroy nutrition and bring you unnecessary trouble.

3, black fungus

Black fungus is a very common ingredient, often used in stews, cold salad, etc., and it tastes tasty, and often eats some emissions to promote toxic waste in the blood vessels, which helps to reduce blood vessel burden, help to maintain Vascular health.

Although it is good for health, it is good for health, which must be careful to reduce the burden of body, but when you eat, don't be soaked in a long time, some people recommend that we should try to eat less, otherwise you will increase your body burden, it is very disadvantageous to health. .

in conclusion:

In the daily dietary process, we may wish to eat more of the above vegetables, although they are very common, but in facts are very beneficial to our blood vessel health.

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