Be alert! Every day is a common food that is eating, it may be "blood vessel killer"! The blood vessels love this dish, often eat blood vessels and not congestion

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Today, more and more high incidence of cardiovascular disease

my country is now the number of patients has reached 330 million people

The number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease are up more than 40%

Five people died there two cases of cardiovascular patients

High incidence of cardiovascular disease

Closely related to lifestyle and eating habits

For example, following these common diet

In fact hidden "vascular killer"


Kelp winter melon soup

It could easily lead to blood viscosity

Life will always be eating certain foods: after (such as kelp, melon, etc.), and soon wanted to urinate, this appear to be normal, but may also be hidden behind vascular injury risk.

But kelp is not beneficial to lower cholesterol on blood vessels do? Yes, but say this is because kelp which kind of "mannitol" material called, it exists in the surface of the frost kelp, which is a strong diuretic, if excessive intake, it is easy take away the body of water, resulting in blood viscosity caused by blood clots.

We all know that blood clots and plaque are not the same, thrombosis can be done in an instant, as short as 2-3 minutes, or as long as 2-3 hours, called the cascade reaction in medicine theory, suggesting that thrombosis is actually a short time , overnight.

But there will always be before the formation of blood clots long time inducing factors, such as underlying disease long history of long-term history of smoking and drinking, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, these are usually planted incentives.

Many people also know that kelp can buck diuretic, but do not know which is the role of mannitol, and it is taken away by the water to act.

And a dish of melon also has a strong diuretic effect, if a large number of eating this dish without the time to add water, it is easy to cause body water, blood flow becomes slow, increased blood viscosity.

Solution: frost kelp washed off the surface, then go over with water, steaming with baking soda and water for 10 minutes, and finally soaked in cold water again, can effectively remove mannitol.


Braised eggplant

A dish eaten the day oil

Modern scientific research has found: eggplant contain various nutrients, vitamin E content for the crown of Solanaceae, eggplant is rich in rutin, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and scurvy patients were beneficial saponins contained in eggplant with cholesterol-lowering effect.

So the eggplant is actually nutritious vegetables, oils and fats containing not high, it does not lead to elevated blood lipids, but belong to a loose and porous vegetable eggplant, fried eggplant in time, the eggplant will inhale a lot of fat.

The high oil diet, the blood vessels can be said to be the number one "enemies", they increase the risk of high blood pressure, can easily lead to cholesterol and blood lipid attached to the vessel walls, causing atherosclerosis, causing blood vessels is not smooth.

So do the eggplant must pay attention to cooking methods, eating too much fat, then also easily lead to elevated blood lipids.

Solution: First the eggplant, cut into thin slices steaming pot, pay attention to the next so that the eggplant skin, the meat on. Steamed eggplant taken out and gently hand press eggplant, eggplant to remove moisture.

With fresh soy sauce, garlic, green onion, vinegar good sauce, then eggplant and mix well together under Guo Chao can pan a few minutes.

There is also a special practice less oil, made with chopped vegetables and flour cake, it is suitable for breakfast food, easy to gastrointestinal absorption of the elderly.

Or we can put it another oil, monounsaturated fatty acids may play a regulating blood lipids, blood sugar, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cardiovascular disease and so on effect. The United Nations Organization recommended grain monounsaturated fatty acids of edible oil are: olive oil, tea seed oil, tea oil.


Soup, broth

Most of which are fat and purine

Winter cold, we all like to point warming stew soup, in particular, like to drink before eating a bowl of creamy white soup.

We often think that so long stew, meat nutrients are cooked into the soup, the soup does not know that in fact most of the fat and purine, both of cardiovascular disease is best not to touch.

According to testing, it is almost equal to the stock oil + water + emulsifier, generally more than one hour stew, meat, bone marrow food emulsifier such as naturally occurring fat will be dissolved in the soup, so that white liquor into milk.

Therefore, milk and white soup really did not have much nutritional value, but contains a lot of fat, purine, long-term drinking is easy to cause or worsen hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia.

Solution: soup can drink less, eat meat!

There are also dishes like blood vessels, often on the table of people, such as new blood vessels clean and uncongested

Often see green pepper on the table, but we may not know its vitamin C content is 7 to 15 times tomatoes, vegetables accounted for in the first place.

Green pepper

Promote vasodilation anti-blood clotting

Around the green pepper contains nutrients - vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, which to some extent can prevent blood clotting.

In addition to chlorophyll, it can help remove toxins from the blood contained.

And medicine believe that eating a green pepper with spicy, can promote skin blood vessels expand, will also speed up the heartbeat, cold winter to keep warm can serve the purpose, which is why a lot of people in winter eat spicy hot pot dishes I feel warm principle.


Potassium magnesium supplementation care center buck

In addition to potatoes can provide the same nutrients rice, but also can provide eight kinds of amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals, have a good role in improving the human immune system.

Among them, potato is most abundant, and the characteristics of "high potassium low sodium" are suitable for the prevention of high blood pressure in three high patients.In addition, the magnesium elements containing potatoes have the effect of care, potatoes can antioxidize, and they can even serve as a staple food.One study in Japan also found that 5 ~ 6 potatoes were eaten per week, which could reduce the stroke chance of 40%.Today, the green pepper and potatoes are mixed, and it is simple to eat, and the nutritional effect is not simple ~

Ingredients: 1 potato, 1 green pepper, siphon, 3 petals of garlic, 3 spoons, vinegar, 1 spoonful of oyster sauce, salt and sugar

1. Prepare all ingredients, cut the green onion, the peeled water, and the green pepper is used to wash the slices.

2. Turns: 3 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoonful of oyster sauce, a little mixture, stir mixed.

3. The pot is boiled, the onion is fragrant, first installing the potatoes and stir fry until it is born, then put the blue pepper and stir fry.(Some Source: BTV I am a big doctor's official micro

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