250 million people have no hair!Squadron, is it really developed?

Some people say: Years are a killing knife.

And I think that the years are a razor.

Especially after the 90-year-old wigs, whether tens of thousands of wigs, or 2,000 yuan of anti-hair, or all kinds of anti-off hair ishing, hair water ... This year's young people have Pull and defense.

According to the survey of the degree-of-release population released by my country Health Jiterary Committee in 2019, my country's degree of hair loss has exceeded 250 million.

This means that an average of 1 person suffers from hair loss, and the proportion of hair loss before the age of 30 is even as high as 84%, compared to the previous generation, this generation of age foot is ahead of 20 years.

In the face of more than 250 million potential users, the market for hair loss is gradually riding, and a variety of gap commodities have also attracted the choice of many young people.

To reduce hair loss, what do you need?

In general, the number of hair loss every day is a physiological phenomenon within 100, but if the hair is big, even the bald performance is likely to be related to other factors, such as the spiritual pressure is too large, the work is not Law, etc.

In life, how do we need to reduce the number of hair loss?

Supplementary nutrition

Hair growth also requires nutritious moisture, if the long-term lack of nutrition, hair will continue to fall off.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the balance of diet, such as inappropriate vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, you should eat some lean meat, eggs to add protein, which will make a good foundation for cell composition.

2. Quit smoking

Tobacco and alcohol for the human body's harmful, in addition to affecting the function of liver lung, it will also cause hair loss.

The reason is that there is more nicotine and smoke oil in the tobacco, the former will continue to destroy the hair follicle tissue, affect the blood circulation of the scalp, which will cause oil to secrete, and increase the risk of pore clogging, and accelerate the hair falling off.

Alcohol has been defined by WHO, the alcohol is very irritating, drinking alcohol without adding, first gaining the burden on the metabolism of the kidney, while also stimulating hair follicles aggravated hair loss symptoms.

3. Choose shampoo suitable for yourself

It is recommended that everyone first judges what happened to him. If it is oily, it is necessary to choose no silicone oil shampoo.

At the same time, we must also remind everyone that there are many shampoo products on the market contain synthetic interface active agents, although the cleaning is very strong, but it is easier to hurt the head.

Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the composition table in the process of purchasing, preferably the weakly acidic shampoo containing the pigment preservative and fragrance can reduce the stimulation of the scalp.

4. Pay attention to shampoo

Many people in life, always apply shampoo directly on your hair, so it will stop the scalp.

The correct way to pour the shampoo in the palm of your hand and polish the rich bubble, then apply it on the hair. In addition, it is necessary to massage the scalp in the abdomen to clean up most of the fat.

After washing your hair, you should blow the hair as soon as possible, otherwise the humid environment is easy to attach dust to breed bacteria, which is not conducive to scalp health.

Squadron, is it really developed?

Li Jiaqi recommends a single-black sesame pill in the live broadcast, many young people think that you can eat more.

But in fact, if this product is eaten as a snack, it is really a good choice.

But if you eat as a hair products, sorry, let you down.

Although melanin is an indispensable component, but also black food such as black sesame, black beans, but the key is that these melanins have entered the human body and cannot be utilized by the human body.

It is to know that the sources of human melanin are melanocytes, which can be converted to melanin using tyrosine in vivo, but this is the human body needs to be generated by themselves.

Therefore, it is better to provide adequate nutrients to the hair than eating a certain kind of food.

I wish you all a black and beautiful hair!


Jerry Shapiro, Mdmaria hordinsky, md. Evaluation and diagnosis of hair loss. Uptodate clinical consultant.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!