The medical doctor unveiled you to "check the scam", an inspection item that is not necessary to do

Do you have a habit of regular physical examination?

With the improvement of medical technology, more and more pungent diseases can be effective. For modern people, after meeting the simple life foundation of clothing, food and housing, in order to prolong good life, improve the quality of life, regular medical examination is critical .

Regular medical examination can find small problems as soon as possible, cure as soon as possible, avoid the occurrence of malignant diseases, in advance, can help citizens, understand physical health, so as not to delay the best treatment time of the disease, waste more money.

Nowadays, many old ages, often don't check the physical examination with various reasons, one is a heartache, two is worried, if you really find the malignant disease, the consequences are also afraid, there are many The elderly will even lose, like the confidence and hope of life.

Chairman of the Aikang Group and CEO Zhang Li Gang have exposed it. Such a scandal about the medical examination industry, Zhang Ligang said that many unregulated medical industries, non-light inspection technology does not meet the standard, the blood sample extracted for medical examiners will be lost directly, Subsequently for fake physical examination orders, used to kid the medical examiner earned high profits.

The most angry is that many physical examination industry, even there will be a phenomenon of counterfeit doctors, clearly does not have any doctor's qualification certificate, and the reputation of the doctor, hoping for fake certificates, deceiving many innocent people, and let the more The more people, because the wrong medical report, missed the best treatment time of the disease.

Many medical examines have not been needed, but they are more than spending money.

01 Inspection doctor unveiled a "inspection scam", an inspection item that is unnecessary

Modern people pay more attention to physical examination. Many people will take the initiative to go to the hospital for systemic inspections. In fact, many projects are not necessary. For ordinary people, they must learn to distinguish.

[PET-CT is a systemic cancer screening]

PET-CT examination is mainly used to diagnose cancer, cancer diagnosis, through screening of this medical examination project, to discover the disease principles as soon as possible, to determine whether the whole body soft tissue and bones are presence or absence.

PET-CT checks to have a higher examination rate for cancer tumors, but you can't fully identify the whole body cancer. It is necessary to mix other inspection equipment to supplement each other. It belongs to functional imaging technology, which has better resolution to tumors.

PET-CT examination is mainly used in three fields of tumors, brains, and hearts. It provides important information on early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of tumors. It should be noted that when performing PET-CT examination, if the value of fasting blood sugar is higher The inspection results will deviate, so doctors generally recommend that the inspectors remain an empty stomach for more than 8 hours, in the inspection.

This check is not universal. For ordinary people, under the oppression of the body without cancer cells and tumor cells, this examination is not distant in the sea, and there is no help for health, and the PET-CT inspection will be A large number of radiation is transmitted around, this radiation is the highest limit of the human body, and the health of the health does not need to do this, just spending money.

I suggest you: Go to the hospital for any check, you must polish your eyes, don't think the price is more expensive, the better you, only choose your own inspection method is the most appropriate.

02 Middle-aged people need to pay attention to?

1, cervical examination

The cervix is ​​a very important organ in the female body. The death rate of cervical cancer is extremely high, the cure rate is low, and when female friends go to the hospital, it must pay attention to the cervix, and determine whether the cervix has malignant lesions.

2, bone density check

About data surveys show: Postmenopausal women, calcium elements in vivo increased by about 30% compared with the previous, and there were few middle-aged and old-age women.

When you go to the hospital, whether orientation of men and women must perform bone density inspection, judgment, the quality of their own bones and joints is timely calcium, prevent osteoporosis, and reduce the chance of body fractures.

3, breast examination

Breast cancer has become an except for lung cancer, and the second threat of human health, the age of breast cancer is generally between 45 and 60 years old, and the chances of middle-aged and elderly women suffer from breast cancer will greatly improve.

Once the middle-aged people have been found, once the breast has a lump, the nipple has emulsion secretions, and the breast skin has abnormal changes, and it is necessary to seek medical examination in time to judge whether the breast is malignant.

4, three high inspection

Hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, has now become the main killer of the health of the elderly, no matter which disease occurs, patients need to have a long-term drug stable condition, prevent the occurrence of adverse complications.

When I got old-aged elderly, when I went to the hospital to check, I must focus on the three high. Once I find a change in the body, I should check the doctor in time.

The fasting value of blood glucose is: 3.9 ~ 6.1 mmol / L.

The normal standard of blood pressure is: the shrink pressure is 120 to 139 mmHg, and the diastolic pressure is 80 to 89 mmHg.

The normal standard of blood lipids is: serum total cholesterol should be 2.9 ~ 5.17 mmol / L, serum triglyceride standard at 0.56 ~ 1.7 mmol / L, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is 0.94 ~ 2mmol / L, low density hyperlipoprotein The standard of cholesterol is 2.07 ~ 3.12 mmol / L. 5, eyes

The eyes are the windows of the soul. It is a very fragile organ in the body. The chance of normal human body is increasingly higher, from 40 years old, the human body will enter aging, the chance of eye disease is also The increased increase.

When I got older old people, when I went to the hospital for medical examination, I must focus on observing the lesions of my eyes, and the medical examination has been found as soon as possible.

03 What do you need to pay attention to when the human body is detected?

(1) Before the medical examination, ask the doctor if the doctor needs an empty stomach, ready to prepare in advance, so as not to delay the smooth progress of the medical examination.

(2) Be sure to maintain a calm mentality during the medical examination, do not excessive anxiety, panic, 30 minutes before the medical examination, do not violent activities, and do not engage in heavy physical labor.

(3) The larger the age, the more carcinogenic matter, the risk of cancer is increasing, and the body discomfort must be informing the doctor before conducting anti-cancer medical examination, do not conceal the condition.

(4) Before the examination, we must do warmth measures to avoid cold, wear masks in time to avoid infectious diseases.

What do you know about the scam of the physical examination? You may wish to share your message below, so that more people will prevent them.

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