Five kinds of small habits, in exchange

It's cold, it may sneeze; sleepy, no hout; cold, no cough ... These physiological responses that need external environmental stimulation can be actively implemented, in exchange for health.

Sneezing can treat cold cold and headache

The cold cold, is the disease caused by the body, and the cold is sneezing, it is the process of discharging the cold.

Therefore, use a little pepper person to induce sneezing, not only to prevent colds, but also treat headache. Surface of windproof, grouse, and all-in-one, with a headache.

However, sneeze will also cost the gas, especially the qi deficiency, the fineness, sweating, fear of the wind, and lazy people should be used with caution.

Harbeliness relief fatigue

It is generally believed that when the body is exhausted and hypoxic, it will play an yaw.

Sexualists believe that yawns can help men have better sexual performance. Because deep suction can enable more oxygen into the lungs, promote blood oxygen exchange, which causes nitric oxide in the body; nitric oxide has a promotion of male sexual functions.

Suitable cough

Cough is a disease syndrome. However, in fact, cough can clear the sputum and bronchromic fluid in the bronchi in time, and ensure the smoothness of the respiratory tract, belongs to a protective reaction.

After getting up every morning, before brushing, take the initiative to cough 10 times, not only can excrete the sputum and harmful dirt, but also increase the pressure in the thoracic, and then enhance the lung capacity, improve the immunity of the lungs.

In order to make the cough more effective, you can drink a cup of warm water to achieve the effect of dilution sputum.

It should be noted that the active cough is not anyone, there is a person who suffers from emphysema, asthma, chest fractures, or the old man who is too weak, it is best not to try.

Blinking to prevent "dry eye disease"

People who often work in front of the computer often have a feeling of dryness, which is due to long-term use of computer work, plus blinking, affecting the tears glands. If such symptoms appear, you may not be far from "dry eye".

Preventing dry eye disease is actually very simple, just take the moment to blink, 10 minutes of rest for 1 hour, alleviate the fatigue of vision, plus sufficient sleep.

Timetime defecation can treat constipation

Constipation is not bigger, but it has seriously affects the quality of life. Fixed a time (night or morning) to the toilet to form a biological habit of timing defecation; to concentrate on the toilet, do not read the book or newspaper. So persistent, you can solve your constipation problem.

If you can change your eating habits, eat more of crude fiber vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, eat less greasy, high protein, drink a large amount of mineral water every day, keep water, and better effect.

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