Have you ever thought about why the hair will whisper with age?

Have you ever thought about why the hair grows with age? Is there any way to prevent or

Hair whitening? Let's take a look at what caused hair whitening, and some factors affecting hair whitening.

The age of your first time (assuming your hair is not simply falling off) is largely determined by the gene. When you arrive at your parents and grandparents, you may have the first white hair. However, the speed of hair whitening is somewhat controlled by yourself. As we all know, smoking will increase the chance of white hair. Usually malnutrition, B is inadequate, anemia and unrealted thyroid disease will also speed up the speed of hair.

What is the color of your hair changes? This is related to the process of controlling a substance called melanin, which is why this material will make your skin in the sun. Each capillaries contain melanocytes called melanocytes. Megin cells produce black or dark brown genuine black and red-yellow brown hub, and conveys melanin to cells that generate kernels, keratin is the main protein in hair. When the cell death of a keratin is generated, they will prevent melanin production. When your hair begins to become gray, mellin cells still exist, but they become less active. There is fewer pigments left on the hair, so it looks more shallow.

As the gray, melanocytes have gradually died until no cells are left to produce pigments. Although this is a normal and inevitable part of the aging process, it has nothing to do with the disease, but some autoimmune diseases will lead to premature whitening. However, some people began to whitening in 20 years old, and very healthy.

The extreme shock and pressure can also cause the hair very fast to whiten, although it is not overnight.

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