These three "fake tofu" have no soybeans at all, it is best to eat less

In daily life, soy products are very popular on the table. Everyone knows that the soy products contain more nutrients, of which the proteins are very sufficient, and they are not more vegetable proteins, rich in soy isoflavones, especially women Supplementary plant female hormones can prevent aging to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.

Soybeans have been derived from the soy products, and the soy products are deeply popular, including soybean, tofu, bean dry, and the number of humisles.

Doctor advice: No matter the child or the elderly, you need to eat some bean products. It is very helpful for children 's growth and development. Eat.

One: Almond Tofu

Almond Tofu belongs to a special snack in the south. Most people think that tofu and almonds are made, belonging to a dessert, but it is just like tofu, so there is this name, which is not any soybean substance.

The so-called almond tofu, adds the composition of sugar and milk, so sugar content is high, and the population of blood sugar is not recommended to eat tofu, especially do not give children, otherwise it is easy to make the child's spleen and stomach.

Two: Japanese tofu

The so-called Japanese tofu, not having the bean products and our usual tofu have a big difference, the main raw material of Japanese tofu is water, eggs, edible salt, although this tofu is eating smooth, good taste, but can't be used Ordinary tofu is used to eat, and there is no yellowish ingredient, and additives will be added when making it.

If you often eat it, you will affect your child's health and even make your stomach increase, so it is recommended that parents will give their children less.

Three: Chiba Tofu

Usually, the leaf tofu is a favorite food. When you eat Chiba tofu, it is clear that it is different from ordinary tofu. Chiba tofu contains more additives and starch, and it has chewy, thousand leaf The nutrition of tofu is far less than ordinary tofu. It usually occasionally eats no problem, often eats will affect digestive ability, not good health.

What is the benefit of eating tofu?

Calcium supplementation

Tofu add some salt water when machining, so that the magnesium and calcium content of tofu are higher than soybeans, according to measurement, each 100 grams of tofu contain 160 mg of calcium, is a good calcium supplementary supplement, especially suitable for calcium deficiency .

Improve menopausal syndrome

Tofu contains rich vegetable female hormones - soy isoflavones, the same fever-secreted estradiol, there is two-way adjustment effect, can make female hormones, ensure balanced state, improve menopausal syndrome, tofu soy flavonoid It is possible to reduce the breast disease.


The tumor is a frequent cancer that everyone is always, it is highly vicious. It usually eats some tofu to prevent this disease, and the tantrial containing soyol is naturally resistant to disease.

In addition to the above, you can eat some tofu, achieve the effect of beauty, blood, adjust the endocrine, especially the middle-aged women eat more tofu to prevent menopause.

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