Strokes, dementia is missing it, and middle-aged and elderly people make up it more important than calcium!

Director of the Treatment Center of Beijing Cerebrovascular Disease Rescue Center, Wang Yunjun, Vice President of Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University, said that stroke has become the first killer of family happiness.

According to the authoritative media @ 中国 新网 网 reports, an average of 1 in my country, there are 1 middle wind in China, and there are 1 stroke every 21 seconds. Former Minister of the Ministry of Health, the Chief Expert of the Ministry of Health "Health China 2020 Strategic Research Group" Wang Yude mentioned in the public presentation of CCTV:

What is the first lethal disease in my country? Stroke (learning famous stroke)! The stroke is the first reason for the death of the national death. Many people have seen stroke patients, either heempodiography, either misapping, can't talk, or blind, I can't see it ...


The incidence of the Chinese stroke is very high, and it is 3 to 5 times the European and American people. The reason why it is not possible with the deletion of "folic acid" "essential element" folic acid ". According to incomplete statistics, there are 1 person lack folic acid every 5 people, and these lacks are also the high-risk and high-risk population of stroke!

A nutrition: folic acid

The patron of life, must eat enough

Speaking of folic acid, everyone may ask, folic acid is obviously "the saint of the fetus", pregnant women must specialize in the leaves? Here, we solemnly tell you that filled leaves are not patents for pregnant women, and middle-aged and elderly people are also a key population who add folic acid!

Filler acid, is also a multi-year clinical study, director of the Department of Cardiology and Heart Center, the First Hospital of Peking University, after many years of clinical research, to provide the best way to prevent the Chinese people!


Reduce stroke risks

Data show that the lack of folic acid in my country is up to 20% to 60%. The human body lacks the intake of folic acid, which is prone to increase in the blood in the blood, and the rise of this substance will directly lead to rising probabilities of the stroke occurrence.

Folic acid can improve vascular endothelial function, prevent chronic cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease. Studies completed by Sino-US medical persons confirmed that supplemental folic acid can effectively reduce the risk of stroke.


Prevention of old age dementia

For middle-aged and elderly people, sufficient folic acid not only reduces the damage to cerebrovascular blood vessels, but also contributes to the decline in cognitive ability caused by brain nerve injury and elderly dementia.


Folic acid helps, improve memory

Once the lack of folic acid, the resistance of the human body will weaken, it will show spirits, fatigue, insomnia, insomnia, loss of appetite, some people also have tongue, diarrhea, malignant anemia, children and elderly often have lethargy or mental disorder.

Usually we have about 300 micrograms from the food from the food every day, and it is best to supplement 200 micrograms.

Terrible is that people who lack folic acid will not have a particularly obvious symptom, but if they accompany high blood pressure, the risk of stroke will increase 12 times!

Folic acid is generally beneficial to the human body, even if there is no hypertension, filled with folic acid, can also greatly reduce the incidence of the stroke.

Folic acid, first start from natural food!

Food-rich food


Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, vegetables, dragon, cauliflower, rape, small cabbage, lentil, pod, mushrooms, etc.

fresh fruits

Kiwi, orange, hawthorn, grape, apple, strawberry, banana, pear, cherry, pomegranate, etc.

Animal food

Animal liver, kidneys, poultry and eggs such as pig liver, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.


Whole wheat flour, barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc.

Beans, nuts

Yellow beans, soy products, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, pines, etc.


Barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc.

Food: egg

The simplest anti-conventional law, no need to lose

It is also necessary to mention the eggs here. Published in a study on the American Nutrition Academy of Nutrition said that a egg is eaten every day, it can reduce the risk of stroke by about 12%!

The American Epidemiology Data Institute analyzes analysts from 1982 to 2015, while observing how different foods affect people's heart and blood vessel state. The results show that:

Eat an egg every day, the average of the stroke risk is reduced by about 12%;

Male stroke risk drops by 15%;

Female stroke risks decreased by 8%;

Eating eggs is the most effective to the health of Asian countries!


Folic acid

Analysis, also related to folic acid, the folic acid content in the egg is high, around 121 micrograms / 100 grams, and mainly existed in egg yolk, eat an egg every day, is also good.


Vascular age

US nutritionists and medical workers extract lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and pig liver, eat 4 to 6 tablespoons for patients with heart blood vessels every day. After 3 months, the patient's serum cholesterol decreased significantly and satisfactorily.


Protect the heart

Choline and vitamin B12 rich in eggs can protect the heart. Hicophysic acid is an amino acid in the blood, which is often closely related to the risk of heart disease, while choline plays an important role in the decomposition of high caste, while vitamin B12 pair It is very important to maintain normal immune function and help to prevent heart disease.

With shells, boiled eggs do not add a drop of oil, the cooking temperature is not high, and the cholesterol in the egg yolk is not oxidized, so it is the most beneficial to the heart and blood vessels.And this absorption rate is also the highest!Many people only know calcium, 99% have no awareness of lubricate, once the lack of folic acid, the brain probability line has risen.

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