How much is the summer air conditioner?

The weather is getting hotter, many people have opened air conditioners.

Some people's air conditioners are opened to 16 ° C to 20 ° C, and it may not be cool enough.

Some people have the lowest air conditioning to 28 ° C, and it is also wrapped in the quilt to sleep at night.

Some people open air conditioners, 28 suspects heat, 27 degrees and cold, infinite entanglement.

It is also open air conditioner, why is it so big? How much is the air conditioner on the summer?

Master Wei Xiaoyin said, this is actually the situation. For example, the elderly and young people are different, such as people who do not work and often dry people, such as men and women. In general, air conditioning 24 ° C to 26 ° C is a comfortable temperature adapted to most people, and 27 ° C is a watershed. If it is at night, the temperature should be appropriately raised, depending on the different adaptation of individuals, it is between 26 ° C to 28 ° C.

There is also a factor that affects the temperature of the human body. Many people will ignore, that is, the room humidity. The same person goes to experience, if the room is high, the air conditioning temperature will be more comfortable, but it may still be cold, but if the room is very dry, even if the temperature is driven to 26 ° C, he will also feel hot.

Finally, give you two direct recommendations:

Open air conditioner, indoor outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, bigger should not exceed 5 ° C, because the temperature difference is too easy to trigger air conditioning; you think about nearly 40 ° C, your home is 20 ° C, from high temperature into the fast freezing, what is it?

The night air conditioner should not be less than 24 ° C, or the air conditioner is set in the sleep switch, even if you are young, it is too greedy.

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