A-SUB Sublimation Paper 13×19 Inch for DIY Unique Christmas Gifts Compatible with Inkjet Printer which Match Sublimation Ink 100 Sheets

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎A-SUB
Brand ‎A-SUB
Item Weight ‎5.24 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎19.5 x 12.99 x 1.02 inches
Color ‎White
Size ‎13x19inch
Sheet Size ‎13×19 Inches
Paper Finish ‎Coated
Manufacturer Part Number ‎KDL6-13X19

asub sublimation paper

wide application

simple process

warm tips

  • Colors after printing may look dull. But the colors after sublimation will look much more vibrant. Please finish sublimation process and see the color result before change any setting.
  • Printer setting, paper, ink, transfer time and temperature, substrate quality all play a role in the color output. If you are not satisfied with the transfer effect, please check every item you used one by one.
  • Different sizes of objects require different heat temperature and time, our recommended is for reference only, you need to adjust it according to the actual situation.We suggest a practice on some old fabric to get the best transfer effect.

3.5x9 sublimation paper

asub sublimation paper a4

asub sublimation paper 125g

asub sublimation paper 8.5x14

11x17 sublimation paper

13x19 sublimation paper

3.5\’\’x9\’\’ sub paper

8.3\’\’x11.7\’\’ sub paper

8.5\’\’x11\’\’ sub paper

8.5\’\’x14\’\’ sub paper

11\’\’x17\’\’ sub paper

13\’\’x19\’\’ sub paper

Paper weight 125gsm 125gsm 125gsm 125gsm 105gsm 105gsm
Microporous Structure
Compatible Ink Sublimation ink Sublimation ink Sublimation ink Sublimation ink Sublimation ink Sublimation ink
Transfer Rate High High Ultra high High High Ultra high
Ink Saturation Heavy ink Heavy ink Heavy ink Heavy ink Light ink Heavy ink
Sheets Quantity 100 sheets 100 sheets 110 sheets 100 sheets 150 sheets 110 sheets

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