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Products Description Oil paintings by Shiko Munakata
Shiko Munakata (1903–1975) was a famous Japanese woodblock printmaker.Munakata was awarded the "Prize of Excellence" at the Second International Print Exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland in 1952, and first prize at the São Paulo Bienal Exhibition in Brazil in 1955, followed by Grand Prix at the Venice Biennale in 1956, and the Order of Culture, the highest honor in the arts by the Japanese government in 1970. InogashirakissyouchizuPicture size:61.7×40.4ćˇ¯Painting technique:Oil on canvas We sell Japanese paintings with asset value.We have always more than 1,000 in stock.In particular,we are focusing on selling works by Shiko Munakata ,and we have more than 150 in stock.We hold exhibitions of paintings at department stores all over Japan.

Product NameOil paintings by Shiko Munakata
Brand NameGallery Soukaku
Place of OriginJapan

Shiko Munakata

Nobuyasu Asano

Yutaka Abe

Shinsui Ito

Syoen Uemura

Yuji Kanamaru

Kazuyuki Suto

Takashi Nagoya

Tomoko Nakamura


Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita

Setsuko Migishi

Nao Yoshihara

Taikan Yokoyama

Gyokudo Kawai

Sumio Goto

Kaii Higashiyama

Ikuo Hirayama

Mitsuei Saito

Nori Shimizu

Chido Shimizu

Susumu Maki

Seiho Takeuchi

Shie Muramatsu

Sunaina Thakur

Ryushi Kawabata

Syoko Kanazawa

Company Profile Gallery Soukaku Co. Ltd.
We have a gallery in Tokyo since 1988. We sell Japanese paintings with asset value. All works are guaranteed to be authentic with a certificate of authenticity. We have a wide range of paintings from relatively affordable prices to high-end pieces. We have always more than 1,000 in stock.

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