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Who's Eager Art PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTUREShenzhen Eager Painting Craft CO., LtdCalled Eager Art, founded at 2005.2,500 sq. m factory, located at Shenzhen city.In the past 18 years, we produced for projects, furniture and home decoration shops, online & physical galleries and wholesalers, including hand painting, canvas prints, resin painting, metal painting and also frames.We focus on creating hot selling paintings at reasonable cost, at the same time, we do the best to offer fast reply and accurate support to grow business with clients worldwide. Products Description Product Material 450 GS.M Cotton-Linen CanvasFor hand painting, we use natural material only, here you will NEVER receive polyester canvas.Quality is everything !To make the canvas more textured, we also paint on 580 GS.M cotton linen, but this is not the regular situation, please do let me know when you prefer this canvas. Winsor Newton PaintsWe paint by acrylic paint mostly which is dry fast in 1-4 hours, brand Winsor Newton which is safe and health.Of course, oil paint is still available if you prefer, just it takes longer time to dry, especial the heavy oil painting, please let me know if you prefer oil painted instead of acrylic and then we will follow.


We offer both options of signed and not.The signatures can be customized according different calling style, please contact me for full details.

Experience Artist

All artists here are experienced, they painted over 7 years at least. Experienced artist is the key we can produce orders fast at nice quality. A>B 5 Layers Carton PackedThe regular packing is mass carton, 6-12 pieces per carton.We mark each painting on the front of carton, by a printed picture and dimension listed.Barcode is available too.

Individual Carton Packed

Packing by individual carton is available, it costs a bit extra.The carton is for post directly mean the material is strong enough to protect the painting in the shipping.

Wood Box Packed

To protect painting in LCL, we offer Polywood box packing.Size of box is customized, it's available for both single piece and bulk. Canvas RolledMore than framed and stretched (gallery wrapped), we do also offer canvas rolled for clients worldwide.Canvas rolled is one of the solution to reduce high air freight and also receiving paintings in a short time.

Security Hooks

We offer security hooks for project paintings, for example hotel, office and shops.The full setting in on the back of frame, you can fix the paintings on wall easily.

Gallery Hooks

This is the hook we use on the paintings which is selling to home use but not project, meaning you can hang the painting on wall directly without security lock.
Stretcher barPine wood, over 10 years with natural texture, this is the material of stretcher bar.3.41% moisture, pre-heat treatment to keep the shape Floating FramedFloating is the regular framing style, including material of wood and PS.Normally the gap between the stretcher bar and floater frame is 3-10 mm, it depends on the size of painting itself.Of courser, we have more than 200 different frames to choose from if you prefer another framing style, just contact us here. Large Sizes Large Paintings by HandAlready over 22 years, we painted huge size paintings by hand for project, furniture and home decor shops.Experience is pretty important to get hug paintings done pretty, please contact us for the full suggestions. R & D Create EverydayNot just sitting and thinking, we create new painting from the feedback of both clients and markets.Meaning the new paintings we created are similar with the hot selling items in markets.Being a copy cat will never really grow you business. Why Eager Art Professional Fast ReplyAfter you send an inquiry, we're not quickly saying a hello only , we offer profession suggestion by 18 years experience of producing for clients worldwide. Experienced ArtistsAll artists here are experienced over 7 years painting for Eager Art, some even 22 years. Wide Range Paintings to choose fromBasing on creation every day, here we prepare catalog over 30,000 different paintings.You will never sell same as your competitors. Big storeroomWe know paintings for project, furniture and home decor shops sometime need to wait a while to share container, her e we prepare big space storeroom already which is over 800 SQ. M Well OrganisedAll details organised well here, things to be clean and clear !

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