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It is a special environmentally friendly organic pigment, the color is full and fresh, durable and waterproof. The creation of the wall machine does not require a hand-painting master, it is completely customized, set up a computer, and paint the painting equipment by itself. Everyone can operate it, saving time and effort, with computer creative patterns, and massive libraries as manuscripts. Wall painting has a unique ability to adapt to the scene. No matter what the decoration style is, a mural can always be designed to add the finishing touch and add color to the overall decorative effect. The operation is simple and easy to learn, just use a notebook to connect to the machine, put the pictures in the computer, and then use the software we provide you to print directly.
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1. If there is a machine problem within 30 days of delivery, we can provide free spare parts replacement2. Support returns within 2 days after payment, and cannot be returned after delivery.3. English version user guide manuel and video4. Exclusive after sale customer service5. Support Alibaba Trade Insurance Order Online Payment6. Support Certifications 7. Respond Rate 100% , Respond time Less than 5 minutes Specification
TypeInkjet Printer
Brand NameCohoMachine
Product nameNew 3D Stereo HD Wall Painting Inkjet Printer Graffiti Machine
Keywordwall printer
ApplicationIndoor Outdoor Advertisement
Print headEpson
Print speed30m2/h
Substrate thickness range11cm
RIP softwareMaintop(main) Photoprint(optional)
Operating systemWindows System
After-sales Service ProvidedVideo Technical Support Online Support

Product advantages of wall painting machine:

1. The operation is simple, no need for professional artists and painting personnel, just skilled operation of the wall painting machine can paint a beautiful world.2. It avoids the slow speed and high price of manual painting in traditional wall painting; the inconsistency with home decoration caused by the single color, low precision and easy disconnection with the home decoration style caused by the mold sticker painting; and the poor selectivity in soft mold painting.3. The painted pattern picture is fine and realistic, the color reproduction is high, and the three-dimensional sense is strong, which makes people have an immersive beauty.4. High work efficiency, can print 3-6 square meters of wall per hour on average, and use less ink, low cost, and high cost performance.5. It supports pictures in JPG, tif, bmp, ps, eps and other formats. The pictures come from a wide range of sources and are highly selective. You can also design patterns according to your personal preferences, which brings a wealth of creative space to your painting scheme.6. Using special water-based environmentally friendly pigment ink. The ink has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, anti-fading, anti-corrosion, can withstand the sun and rain, durable and green.7. We use Epson nozzles imported from Japan, which have the advantages of stability, corrosion resistance, long life, high painting precision, and high picture imaging pixels.8. We have adopted the motor holding brake, which can keep the nozzle still when there is a sudden power failure, making the work safer and more stable9. Our overall fuselage adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which makes the fuselage lightweight, and has a high strength-to-mass ratio and a certain bearing capacity. Good heat dissipation performance, suitable for products with high heat dissipation requirements. Thermal conductivity is 100 times that of PP material. The elastic modulus is small, the rigidity is good, the long-term use is not easy to deform, and the earthquake resistance is strong. Anti-electromagnetic interference, good electromagnetic shielding. Bright and beautiful color, corrosion resistance, can maintain the appearance quality for a long time. It is an environmentally friendly material, and its waste can be recycled. Products Description Company Profile Xiamen Chuhai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a mechanical automation R&D and production enterprise. The company has many engineers who are proficient in various mechanical structures. All machinery and equipment on the market can be customized. At present, the company operates many categories, involving construction machinery, food machinery, agricultural machinery, packaging machinery, filling machinery and other fields. Welcome new and old customers to consult. Mission: Make Chinese products more reliable Vision: Chuhai Machinery, the brand is exported to overseas Values: adhere to the principle of customer first, quality first Manufacturing Technique Recommend Products Certifications FAQ 1、What about product quality and warranty?Quality of products will be strictly checked and every machine will be test to ensure it can works well before packaging.1 year, within this period we offer spare part replacement freely if there are any Non-artificial damage on them.2、Product usage and after-sales service? We offer instruction manual and video to teach you how to using and testing machine.3、Do you have any other size for the products ?We accept OEM designs , you can customize the size .4、Can the speed of the machine be set?Yes, you can set it according to your needs, and we also provide instructions5、What is the delivery times and terms? We accept ex-Work, FOB, and C&F/CIF terms, Sample:10 working days; FCL container:15-20 days; Customizing printing:5 working days longer for the first order.6、Which Payment terms you can offer? We accept T/T, L/C, Alibaba trade assurance and other terms. Contact usCellphone: +86 18559210404Email:[email protected]
+86 18559210404
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