tiffan 3d wallpaper uv printer canvas pvc film 3.2m digit large format printer i3200 double heads

3.2M 3D Wallpaper Uv Digital Wall Sticker Art Printer for Background Printing Equipment Machine Price Banners And Billboards Machine features:1. Support any choice of Epson DX5, DX7, XP600, I3200 and other series of print heads.2. Unique variable dot printing technology, which truly reflects the best ink delivery method of the print head, and satisfies the customer's pursuit of picture quality.3. Select the ink output method for multiple printing. The machine adopts micro-wave and gradual feathering technology to eliminate the PASS channel, breaking the past machine's shortcomings of picky colors and special materials.4. Automatic configuration, automatic paper feeding, automatic ink absorption, automatic ink scraping and other devices.5. Super-capacity ink cartridges are provided at the same time. Each ink cartridge has a capacity of up to 2000ml. Each ink cartridge independently supplies ink for a row of nozzles, which can ensure high-speed output of thick and heavy images.6. At present, the most advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, and provides safety nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, users can rest assured printing operations at any time.7. Use high-speed network cable, USB2.0 interface plug and play, convenient and fast, easy to achieve remote or local area network printing needs.8. It is the first in the industry to launch quick-drying inks, which can achieve quick-drying effects that dry immediately after output, and have the unique effect of not easy to return to moisture and not easy to stick.9. Really realize 1440dpi high precision, guarantee perfect quality picture output. Application With this UV roll to roll printer,you can print all the media that the Eco Solvent & Solvent Printer print,also the material they can not print.Such as colored tarpaulin,pvc soft film, wall paper. Besides,will get the long outdoor lifetime around 3-5years, and indoor lifetime of 10 years.What's more, due to the special printing method of UV,you will get much more higher quality printing result,3D effect. Good partner for extending your printing business to high-end requirement and more area.
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Model No TF-3202-uv
PrintheadEpson DX5/DX7/TX800/XP600/4720/i3200(Optional)
Resolution(dpi) 2880 dpi max
Media type
High-gloss photo paper, pp, lamp film, canvas, car stickers and other printing materials
Print Head2
ApplicationOutdoor and indoor advertisement like billboard,wallpaper,soft film for stretch ceiling, light board, window graphic, decration
for exhibition, car,etc.
InkTypeUV Ink (CMYK or CMYK Lc Lm+ White)
printing speed4 Pass:45 sqm/h;6 Pass:25 sqm/h; 8 Pass:18sqm/h
Media compatibilityUniversal wide format inkjet media
Medium transmissionStandard automatic paper feeding system
Environment Temperature 18-29℃, humidity 50-80%
Drying systemFront and rear heating, air drying system and baking lamp
Heating temperatureRoom temperature 50℃, recommended 30℃-40℃
Nozzle cleaningAutomatic cleaning device, automatic scraping device
Ink supply systemContinuous large-capacity ink supply system, each color can spare 2000ml
Size & Weigh Machine 3930*700*1200 (mm) / 350kg±5kg
Size & Weight Packing 4000*850*850 (mm) / 400kg±5kg
Details Images Automatic lifting ink stackAll aluminum alloy lifting ink stack,high precision,automatic cleaning clesed nozzle,so that the nozzle is always in good condition.Dual LEDDual LED curing lights, which dries instantly after ink discharge, ensuring image qualityHigh-precision guide railHWIN High precision linear guide slide block, high precision rubber roller, all aluminum platform beam, higher horizontal precision. Platform heatingThe front and rear sections are heated independently, and the high precision digital display temperature controller can adjust the temperature independently according to the need
Segmented drying systemTwo-stage infrared heating, can be controlled in sections, the picture is printed and dry, with automatic paper collector,unattended printing is ealized.
Paper feeding systemDouble steel pipe constant force high precision cloth feeding system, to ensure the continuous smooth transmission of paper.
Continuous ink supply systemIntelligent ink supply system, constant liquid level, to ensure high speed and high output of printing ink, capacity up to 2000ml.Intelligent collision avoidance systemIntelligent anti-collision system on both sides of the car, scraping paper immediately stop printing, can effectively protect the nozzle.
Double servo motor Up to 12K ignition frequency,30% increase in printing speed,belt drive stepping system,more quiet paper.
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