Hot selling cool tones thick texture Luxury wall hanging decor modern art acrylic canvas oil paintings

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DescriptionHot selling cool tones thick texture Luxury wall hanging decor modern art acrylic canvas oil paintings
Item number22D0639-22D0641
CustomizedHighly welcome
ApplicationHotel/Home/Coffee bar/restaurant etc.
Hand working100% handmade
PricePlease check with salesBulk qty with discount
MOQ1 piece
·Features of oil painting
1.100% hand-made, New and unique design;
2.Completely hand painted on Canvas, but not brush strokes on printing which is much cheaper;
3.The oil painting above is what we Created and painted, but NOT picture copied from the internet ;
4.Buying this oil painting means you will resell unique paintings but not common ones everyone can find on the internet. At the same time, we only showed here hot selling Paintings, you will sell what you bought from us quickly;
5. Customized: Painting from customer pictures is available; Customized sizes or Colors are available.
·Advantage of TY Artwork
1. Types: Hand painting, 3D Mixed media Artwork, Printings, support customization
2. Original , Unique ,
3. Fast on release new collections& Match the Fashion-trend
4. Rich Experiences in doing high-end projects.

·Application of Wall Artwork
1. hotel and home decoration
2. modern house design
3. soft decorative assembly
4. Coffee store and restaurant decoration

·Variety of frames
Packaging&Installation About Tian Yu FAQ 1. Q: What does TY Art Space do…
A: TY Art Space is a professional enterprise for modern home decorative paintings, which is engaged in development, design, and production for Chinese Paintings, oil paintings, comprehensive material paintings, decorative paintings, craft paintings, installation art, fiber art, and various frames.

2. Q: Are your paintings hand-drawn and hand-made?
A: Yes, of course. TianYu Art always believes that hand-drawn paintings are more inspirational and contagious than printed ones. Thus, we will insist to make our painting 100% hand-drawn and hand-made.

3. Q: What are your frames made of?
A: Our frames are made of imported PS and solid wood. PS is with high density, environmental, 0 formaldehyde Content, Non-toxic, moisture-proof, and anti-deformation. The solid wood is with the advantages of anti-deformation and elegant texture. Besides, our designers will use the different frames for different paintings according to the style of the paintings, which will make the painting of higher quality.

4. Q: Are the paintings with glass?
A: Part of Tianyu Paintings are with acrylic, which is also named plexiglass. It is lighter than the glass, while it is with good translucency and is unbreakable. Usually, it depends on the style of paintings that we use the glass or acrylic.

5. Q: Are the paintings with accessories?
A: Tianyu Art will offer the accessories according to the size of the paintings.Please install the paintings according to the install instruction.

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