Subli-Cloth Cotton Sublimation Dark & Light Cloth Fabric Sheet Pack (A3 Tabloid x 10 Units) (29cm x 43cm)

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Alejo\’s Shop
Brand ‎Subli-Cloth
Item Weight ‎0.64 ounces
Package Dimensions ‎8.66 x 6.06 x 0.47 inches
Color ‎Pure White
Material Type ‎Polyester
Size ‎A3 x 10 Units (Tabloid) (29cmx43cm) (11.5\”x17\’\’)
Manufacturer Part Number ‎S-20

Subli-Cloth is a new sublimation product. It’s a revolutionary solution to sublimate your designs on cotton clothes. Subli-Cloth is specially design for sublimation cotton t-shirts, bags and every kind of cotton products without waterproof treatment. The ideal material for the best on sublimation industry. Feature (Characteristics) Tissue fabric that allow the sublimation on cotton clothes. White color, smooth finish. Build with a special heat adhesive layer. Works in every cloth that doesn’t have waterproof treatment. Also works in white and dark cloths. Have excellent elasticity and docking. Breathable fabric and water repellence. Good washing fastness and durability. Soft finish and smooth after sublimation process. Use Instructions Put the cotton cloth on the heat press machine. We recommended to iron the cloth before on the heat press machine 1 or 2 seconds. Put the Subli-Cloth sheet with the rough side down over the cotton cloth. Print the design (mirror print) on sublimation paper. Put the printed sublimation paper over the Subli-Cloth sheet. Close the heat press machine and program the timing. We recommend 190 centigrade and 60 seconds. (These parameters can vary depending of the machine) Open the machine and take off the sublimation paper with careful. You finished. You already have you cotton cloth sublimated. General Recommendations We recommended make preliminary tests of the product to calibrate the sublimation machine. We recommended to make some test before the final production. If you have problems with the adhesive it’s because you used to much heat. The heat and timing used can change and be different depending of the specifications of the machine you will use. Wait 24 before wash the cloth. Hand wash only at max 40º C. Ensure that washing agent is dissolved before immersing. Wash backforward.

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