UV Wall Art Mural Painting Vertical Printing Machine for Home Decoration 3d Touch Screen Direct To Wall Printer Price

Product Description

product name3D wall printing machine
warranty1 year
Control methodWired/wireless printing
Printing softwareGenuine industrial machine printing software
ink typeuv ink
Transportation and carryingPortable
PowerNo load 20W, maximum 250W
Surface trackingHyperboloid banner sensor, up and down bidirectional sensing
Ink supply systemSingle-color single-supply for negative pressure system,4-color ink bin integrated
Printing size2.5m high x any width (default),other heights can be customized
Construction noiseStandby<20dBA,Drawing<60dBA
Support picturesPhotos taken by mobile phone, camera and Internet

Applicable medium
Wall surface:Putty wall surface,Latex paint wall,Big white wall,Imitation porcelain wall,Rice paper, canvas,Wall clothing,Painted glaze,Shell powder,Color grain paint and other walls

Other media:Glass, tile, board,Acrylic,PVC and metal plates, etc.

Direct printing, print and dry without waiting
Color drawing technologyMicro Piezo Inkjet Technology,Variable ink drop,High fault tolerance feathering technology,
Automatic memory recovery technology for construction interruption
Operating environment-20℃-50℃(-4°F-122°F),10%-70%,Relative humidity, non-condensing state
Print resolution360×720dpi/720×1080dpi/720×1440dpi/1080×1440dpi/1440×2880dpi
Operating environment-20℃-50℃(-4°F-122°F),10%-70%,Relative humidity, non-condensing state
Storage environment-21℃-50℃(-22°F-140°F),10%-70%,Relative humidity, non-condensing state
Operating platformWindows XP/7/8/9/10
Certification qualificationGPC,International test qualified(GB18582-2001、GBT9756-2001)、CE
Print modePASS㎡/h
Fast modeA24
Production modeB18
Quality modeC12
HD modeD9
Packing size162*84*68cm
Packing weight155kg
The key components
Printheadtx800 head ,1PCMotor3 imported intelligent servo motors+decelerator
Main board8-core high-speed CPU,8GB Memory,high-speed USB I/OWall detection2 Nano distance detectors
UPS Power SupplyUltra strong uninterruptible power supply,power failure endurance 5housPower off alarmReal time power-off alarm system
Ink supply technologyNegative pressure system ink supply, No ink extraction requiredLaser positioningPrecise infrared laser positioning system
Y-axis GuideHigh strength precision rail,3 sections 1.5m,Unlimited lengthX-axis GuideImported linear drive module
Machine languageChinese/English(Other languages can be customized)Gift GalleryGift 5T Gallery
Detailed Images Application Our Company Packing & Delivery FAQ 1.How many basic colors does the printer uses?Four colors, CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow and black,White or Varnish 2.Do you need a flat surface for the wall printer to move along the wall ?No need for very flat walls, our wall printers print high quality pictures on uneven surfaces.3.The process to set the printer up on site – how long does it take?It takes only 10 minutes to assemble our wall printer.4.Does the machine move on the running track or does the machine move?It is the machine that moves on the track, not the track is moving.5.What type of ink does the printer use and where can I buy from?The ink of the machine is custom-made, because after our adjustment, this ink is very suitable for the printing process of our machine, and the printed picture is very good. You can contact us to purchase print ink.6.What type of files can I print with?Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR, etc.7.Durability of the ink – is it for interior or exterior applications?The room can be kept for 10 years without fading, and the outdoor can be kept for 5 years without fading.8.What is the print height?The standard picture print height is 180-240cm, and the printable picture after custom vertical track is up to 350cm.9.What materials can I print on?Putty wall, latex paint wall, brick wall, diatom mud wall, shell powder, paper, wood.UV-wall printer can also print on non-absorbent surfaces such as: Glass, tile, metal.10.Any defects during the warranty period at your expense?Non-human damage during the one-year warranty period.11.Is it possible to enlarge a print at height? So you print out a part of the picture, then set it down again and continue. Will the photo appear to be in two parts?of course . You can print the stitches left and right, or you can stitch them up and down. The image printed with the feathering effect does not appear to be two parts. You can watch the video we took. Related Products

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