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Product Description

3d wall printer advantage

1.Can Be applied to a variety of materials wall, for example White Wall, RED BRICK WALL, GREEN BRICK WALL, CERAMIC WALL, CEMENT WALL 2. Supports printing color ink and white ink at the same time 3. The number and type of printing nozzles are optional, different printing speed and printing accuracy 4. Print height can be customized, unlimited length
One set of ink, 5 colors, Red Yellow Blue Black White; each color 500ml;
one set of uv ink costs 95usd, which can print 150 square meters. so the average of Ink consumption 16.7ml/sqm. The cost is

one set of water based ink costs 75usd, which can print 150 square meters. so the cost is 0.5usd/sqm
3d wall printer for alloccasions
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3d wall printer imported nozzle.

Three different nozzles are available.

DX10 lifespan is about 20,000 square meters printing
DX7 lifespan is about 30,000 square meters printing.
4720 lifespan is about 40,000 square
Parameters of 3D wall painting machine
Machine namePortable wall machine
Print size2.5m high * 6m long
Nozzle modelEpson, JapanDX10/DX7Optional
Nozzle selection2个
Machine power 350W
Voltage110V-220V(mobile power can be used)
accuracy 360*720*1440*2880dpi
Ink color C-M-Y-K-W
speed6-14 m2 / h
Machine weightMain machine 15kg, guide rail 4 * 8kg, base shaft 15kg
Output modeWired transmission, printing controlled by computer
Key components6 sections of 1m track, 2 ultrasonic probes, 3 motors and 1 reducer
applyLime wall, emulsion paint wall, putty powder wall, ceramic tile, metal, wallpaper
3D/5DYes (can simulate printing)
Detection functionUp and down two-way detection of concave convex, with an accuracy of 1mm
Power failure recoveryThere is software to store data in real time
Nozzle inspectionYes (software detects nozzle condition)
Color calibrationYes (software color correction)
Distance adjustmentYes (print size and distance can be adjusted by software)
Power failure enduranceYes (self provided UPS mobile power supply is required)
Print positioningYes (the laser cross locator makes the picture print to the specified position)
Horizontal adjustmentYes (equipment track has horizontal adjustment function)
Stack disassemblyOne meter after folding, it can be disassembled into three parts for convenient handling
Picture splicingYes (seamless splicing of pictures can be realized) Subject to actual conditions。
Packing & Delivery We use express UPS, DHL, EMS, FedEx, and the package will reach your hand in 6-12 working days. FAQ 1) How many printheads does the Wall printer have? Printhead number is optional; it can be equipped with 2 or 3 print heads

2) Can it print white color/ does it have CMYK + W?
Yes the wall printer can print white color.

3) What accesories will come with the printer? The printer comes with 4 rails(each 1.5m long), one set of ink and nozzle cleaner.

4) What type of ink does it support?
Wated based in or UV ink

5) Which shipping way will have less cost?
Shipping by sea will have less cost, but with ink together, the cost will be a bit higher than normal.

6) Are there other product appearances that can be choosen?
Yes, there are two options; one is in blue; the other is in yellow.

7) Is the printer equipped with Touch screen?
Nope, the printer is equipped with computer along with mouse and keyboard.

8)What is the Print head brand?
Epson DX10

9)What Language does the software support?
it supports English and Chinese only

10)How do we clean the printed wall?
The printed pictures cannot be washed away; it needs to paint the wall again to cover it.

11)Do you offer free printing samples?
Yes, we can print some samples according to customer's requirements.

12)What's your delivery time?
We will arrange the delivery within 3~7 working days after receiving the deposit.

13)What payment method are supported?
Payment method is T/T or LC, PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card, etc.

14)If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?
Detailed description, photos or video will help our technician analyze the problem and give solution accordingly.

15)Once there is something need to replace, what can I do?
We supply all the spare parts for the printer. If any part is broken, we will fix it or send you new parts after users send back
the broken ones. We suggest that users order spare parts package for long time maintenance and fast replacement.

16)Can we send our technician to your factory for training?
Yes, you are warmly welcome to visit us for free training.

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The company's philosophy is focus on coding, treats quality as the base and service-oriented principles. Shenyang Faith
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