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Model No: DB-2000 Plan Printers
ammonia free blue print machine 

blueprinting machine higher quality


Model No: DB-2000 series high speed blueprinter machine
Printing size: 1120mm (AO size)
Developing method: pressure diazo
Seperation mode: Manual
Paper out mode:Front, back, up
Light: Special fluorescent lamp 140W/PC
Paper in speed: 50-1400m/h,50-2000m/h
Power: AC 220V/50HZ
Wattage: <470W(3 lamps)<610W(4 lamps)
Consumable material: kinds of high speed blueprinter paper,developer
Machine size: 1530x650x1100mm
Machine weight: 98kg


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Debo is a professional manufacturer of  Post- Press Equipments such as

binding machines, paper cutters,laminators, blue print machines and binding equpments.

We are the only profesional factory in China for the blue print machines.


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