The best sales product dual 4720 print heads pet film textile fabric DTF printer

Working Process Advantage:Good image quality,High precision,fast speed,Gorgeous gamut,Suitable for printing of many kinds of materials. Details Images

All-in-one machine for heat transfer and powder shaking:

1.Convenient, high efficiency and low cost: One-stop hollow printing, no cutting plotter, laminating machine, hollow machine, no waste discharge, time and labor saving. 2. Good effect: the pattern is soft to the touch, washable and stretchable, and the wet and dry fastness reaches level 4.
Product nameDigital heat press print machine
Nozzle number2*EPi3200 ( 2 Epson 4720 )
Printing Width0-600mm
Printing Speed4pass:12-15sqm/h    6pass 8-10sqm/h
PowderAC 110+/- 10%、AC 220+/- 10%、50/60HZ 16A
Printer Dimension1900*820*1600mm
WeightNet Weight: 200KG Gross Weight:250KG
Product nameTunnel type Shaking and color fixing machine
Fan controlShake powder control,dusting control,curing temperature PID setting
Applicable mediumNylon,chemical fiber,cotton,leather,swimsuit,diving suit,PVC,EVA,etc.
Rewinding functionAutomatic induction winding
Material delivery methodNormal transmiesion
Heating and drying functionFar infrared carbon fiber heat tube heating
PowderAC 220V、50/60HZ 、15A、3.2kw
Retractable media width0-600mm
WeightNet Weight: 98KG Gross Weight:148KG

New scheme / Save labor / Save cost

1.solution for white heat transfer, which is a subversive clothing heat transfer application process.
2.It solves the problem that the direct-jet printing process is picky on the fabricand the new heat transfer process does not limit the material transfer.
3.Don't worry about color difference and fastness, the pattern is what you see is what you get.
4.There is no need to engrave and discharge waste and film, which effectively improves production efficiency, does not limit patterns, and is naturally hollowed out and thinner and breathable.
5.Short cycle and fast delivery time, breaking through the limitation of traditional process color printing plate making, digital output does not need plate making.
6.High cost performance, no need for high investment in equipment and space greatly reducing investment costs.
Our Advantages Customer Photos Certifications Company Profile 1. We provide 1 year warranty and online technical support lifetime 2.Strong sales team,after-sales 24 hours online with English team and professional technical team 3.There are English user manuals and install video to guide you easily install, operate and maintain the printer. Exhibition FAQ 1.Q: What’s the machine installation?
A: We provide the machine usage & installation videos and instruction manual, afford the 24 hour online service support for oversea customers. If need, we could provide the on-site installation and training service.

2.Q: How about the machine’s package and transportation ?
A:We will protect the machine with film and bubble film around the machine when it leaves the factory, and fix it on the bottom of the wooden case with iron nails. After the wooden case is packed, we will choose the mode of transportation according to the customer's requirements, and provide export service according to the customer's requirements.

3.How about the machine’s maintenance ?
A:With warranty of whole printer ( not included the printer head) , simultaneously we will provide the lifetime warranty if use together with our ink. Also our after-sales engineers will provide 24 hour online technical consulting service.
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