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Details Images ↓ ↓ ↓ Send Us An Inquiry To Get Free DTF Start Kit↓ ↓ ↓ One Set DTF Ink 500g DTF Powder 100pcs A3 DTF Film Latest Printing Software White ink stirring systemEquipped with the continuous ink supply system to lift the productivity to a high level, allow long-time printing without pause.
Automatically stirring white ink tank avoiding the block of print head and save >30% inks, protect print head at the same time.
Continuous Ink Supply SystemAfter the printer is turned on, the white ink circulation system continues to work to make the white ink more white, which will not break the ink while printing, and the ink supply is more stable. The Color is Firm & Super WhiteBright colors and clear patterns; Color firmness up to the national standard level 4 or above.
Transfer printing on dark textiles is opaque, retaining the original color.Strong hiding power.
Smooth Ultra-high Printing Accuracy Use Epson brand new head. The print effect is in HD photo mode. Ultra-high printing accuracy, resolution.The white ink is super white, with good smoothness, not easy to produce sediment, and does not clog the print head. High Color ReproductionWith ICC color management technology, the printing effect is more delicate and natural, and the image reproduction is high. We have made matching ICC for different models of print heads to achieve the highest degree of reproduction. Silent rails &  Precise paper roller feedingSilent rail moving system, less printing noise, faster printing speed.The new high-quality wear-resistant material inner and outer wheels increase friction, ensure the smoothness of the paper feed,and avoid film inclination and indentation.
Intelligent ink drop transformationEpson's intelligent ink drop transformation technology, inkjet on demand, can control the size of ink droplets, natural color transition, round ink drops, accurate drop point. Product Paramenters

PrinterA3 DTF Printer With L1800 Head
Printer Advantage from othersWhite ink mixing system
Pet film enter and retract system
updated motor for constantly printing
one -click automatic cleaning system
10.3 acr rip software
printing width13 inch/33cm film
Print Speed0.8 square meters/h
Inks typeDTF Printer ink
Ink Supply SystemNegative CISS
VoltagueAC 220 V ± 10 % 60Hz 200W
Platform HeaterPre -Print-Post 3 type Heater (can be controlled separately)
Picture formatBmp,TIF,Jpg,Pdf
Feeding and Take-upauto roll to roll, pieces
Envirment Temperature15℃-35℃,
Humidity35%RH-65%RH Machine Size: 710*340*230mm
Package Size680*290*450mm
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