3d Wall Printer Uv Printer For Sale Wall Mural Printing Machine Inkjet Printer For Wall Mural

Products Description

Product introduction

3D wall printer is widely used in inner and outer wall putty walls, latex paint walls, porcelain like walls, ceramic tiles, glass, rice paper, canvas and other walls.
Customers only need to set the size of the pictures on the computer, and the machine will automatically draw on the wall, without cumbersome operation process.

Parameter specification
Product Name3d Wall Printer Uv Printer For Sale Wall Mural Printing Machine Inkjet Printer For Wall Mural
Print software
Genuine professional printing software
InkSpecial ink for wall painting
Operation mode
Wired/wireless printing
Power consumptionNo load 20W, Max 500W
Surface trackingHyperboloid banner sensor, up and down bidirectional sensing
Ink supply systemNegative pressure ink supply, multi- color integration, special color supply, with sealing plug
Print size2m high x arbitrarily wide, beyond 2m can be seamless stitching
Construction noiseStandby <20dBA, drawing <70dBA
Support picturePhotos taken by mobile phone, camera and Internet
Power requirement220VAC/380VAC
Applicable mediumWall surface:Putty wall surface,Latex paint wall,Big white wall,Imitation porcelain wall,Rice paper, canvas,Wall clothing,Painted
glaze,Shell powder,Color grain paint and other walls

Other media:Glass, tile, board,Acrylic,PVC and metal plates, etc.
Picture formatIncluding PSD、CDR、JPG、JPEG、 PNG、 BMP、TIFF、 EPS、AI and PDF
Painting technologyMicro piezoelectric ink- jet technology, variable ink
drop, high fault- tolerant eclosion technology, automatic memory recovery technology after construction interruption
Print resolution720*540DPI / 720*720DPI / 720*1080DPI /720*1440DPI /720*2880DPI
Operating environment-20℃ -50℃(-4 ℉ -122℉), 10%-70% Relative humidity, non-condensation
Storage environment-21℃ -50℃(-22℉ -140℉), 10%-70% Relative humidity, non-condensation
Operating platformWindows XP/7/8/9/10
QualificationInternational test qualified(GB18582-2001、GBT9756-2001)

Print mode
Quick mode (35㎡/h)
Production mode (25㎡/h)
Quality mode(17㎡/h)
HD Mode(12㎡/h)
Package size( mm )length 1000 X Width 660 X Height 2800
WeightTotal weight 90KG(contain wooden cases)
Company Profile Located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, the hometown of giant panda, Chengdu Linservice Industrial Inkjet Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the product identification industry with its strong technical strength, complete production equipment, strict quality testing, mature manufacturing.
As a professional inkjet printer product provider, it has professional technology and product resources and focuses on the product identification and safety of the enterprise. With more than nearly 20 years of service experience in the identification industry, it provides safe, assured and reliable product identification for all sectors of society, especially in the association and traceability application of industrial identification.

Exhibition Partner Our partnerLinservice has been a qualified supplier of P & G (China) Co., Ltd. for many years. The well-known customers include: P & G (China), Lafarge (China), Coca Cola, unified enterprise, Wuliangye Group, Jiannanchun Group, Luzhou Laojiao group, Tsingtao Beer Group, China Resources Lanjian group, Di'ao pharmaceutical group, China Biotechnology Group, Sichuan ChuanHua group, Lutianhua group, Sichuan Tianhua group, Zhongshun group, Chengdu new hope group, Sichuan Huiji food, Sichuan Liji group, Sichuan Guangle group, Sichuan coal group, Sichuan Tongwei group, Sichuan xingchuancheng group, Sichuan Jiahua group, Yasen building materials, Chongqing beer group, Chongqing Zongshen electric appliance group, Guizhou Hongfu group, Guizhou saide group, Guiyang snowflake beer, Guizhou Deliang prescription pharmaceutical, Yunnan Lancangjiang beer group, Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Group, Kunming
Jinxing Beer, There are hundreds of enterprises in Yunnan Wuliang zangquan, Gansu Jinhui liquor group, Gansu Duyiwei Co., Ltd., including food, beverage, pharmacy, building materials, cable, chemical industry, electronics, tobacco and other industries.

The products have been also exported to more than 30 countries, such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Ukraine, India, Korea, Singapore, Brazil and Peru. FAQ 1. How to guarantee quality?From production to sale, the machine is checked at every step to ensure that the final equipment is in order.2. Can you guarantee the safety in transit?It can ensure the safety in transit. Our packing is very strict.3.Will you provide after-sale technical service?We will provide 24 hours after-sales service, we will also have technical staff to answer your questions4. Can I repair it if it breaks down?Can repair5. Where can these devices be used?Our products cover printing and packaging, food and beverage, chemical building materials, pharmaceutical, tobacco, daily chemical, automotive and aerospace manufacturing and many other industries.6. How do I know if your machine works well?Before delivery, we have tested each machine and adjusted it to the best condition. If you have special production conditions, we will adjust to the corresponding state for you.

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