1.6m/1.8m 5feet Eco Canvas Printer vinyl sticker wall paper painting t-shirt advertise printing machine

                  1.6m/1.8m 5feet Eco Solvent Canvas Printer vinyl sticker wall paper painting t-shirt advertise printing machine


This   vinyl sticker wall paper printing machine can help you enlarge your working area, and also supply colorful designs to your life. I t can be used in the indoor and outdoor environments, the color can last for more than 20 years.

Product Description



Machine Details                                                                                                                


Machine Advantages                                                                                                       

1. The operation is simple, no professional painting and design personnel are required, only skilled operation of the machine is required.

2. It avoids the disadvantages of traditional wall painting, such as slow speed and low price, single color, low precision and uncoordinated with home decoration style, and poor selectivity in soft film painting.

3. The design is fine and realistic, with high color restoration and strong three-dimensional feeling, which makes people feel the beauty of the scene

4. High efficiency, 3-6M per hour on average, low ink consumption, low cost and high cost performance.

5 support JPG.TIF.BMP . PS.EPS Images in the same format. Pictures come from a wide range of sources, and can be designed according to personal preferences, with rich artificial space.

6. Imported special wall water-based pigment ink, with anti UV, anti peeling, anti conjunctiva, durable, green environmental keep features.

7  With the technology of detachable nozzle box, the nozzle can get better keep and maintenance when it is not working, prolong its service life and save transportation costs.

8   In case of sudden power failure, the nozzle can be kept still and the work will be more safe and stable




Home decoration background wall series, Internet bar wall decoration ,water bar or bar interior wall theme , office cultural wall theme , mall activity poster color painting,  kindergarten indoor fairy tale world cartoon drawing,  underground parking lot theme etc


Municipal Engineering external wall culture safety publication, Hotel exterior wall theme, supermarket milk tea shop door activities publicity, playground wall, kindergarten wall. Outdoor wall advertising spray painting, stage background wall, etc




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