3.2m Konica Minolta 512i Printhead Inkjet Printer PVC Flex Banner Canvas Outdoor Advertising Solvent Printing Machine

Equipment modelBH-3208
Control boardBYHX
Carriage motorPanasonic 400w Carriage motor
Drag chainGermany IHUS Drag chain
Linear guideJapan THK linear guide with mute the slider
Printer frameHigh quality & strong Printer frame
BeamAluminum beam (straightness 0.1mm、flatness 0.05mm)
CarriageLift type carriage
Head typeKM512i-30Pl
Head height1-10mm
printhead quantity4pcs/8pcs
ink colorC M Y K/double C M Y K
Maximum printing width3200mm
Apply the inkSolvent ink
Applied materialsLight box cloth/coiled material
The ignition frequency20KHZ
                     2Pass                   3Pass                  6Pass                          8Pass
The printing speed(4H)            140m²/h              90m²/h                 45m²/h                       35m²/h
(8H)            280m²/h             180m²/h               90m²/h                        70m²/h
Print accuracy                480×360dpi          480×540dpi       720×1080dpi                720×1440dpi
RIP softwareMainTop/Photoprint
Nozzle moisturizingIndustrial nozzle special device
Drying systemIntelligent infrared heating & Drying system
Feed/collect systemAuto Feeding & collecting system
Environmental conditionsTemperature:16-30 Relative Humidity:40%-60%
Power supply/powerAC220/1500W(print) 3000W(Dry)
Product size(mm)5000×1200×1700mm
Product weight980kg
1. A nozzle can not be made out of ink?Replacing the nozzle, replacing the sprinkler data line or the nozzle switch board, inserting the data line of the nozzle, repairing the ink supply system, and replacing the main plate.2. All the spray heads?are not out of ink?Repair the power, replace the head card, replace the main board, reinstall or replace the decoder, reinsert or replace the fiber line.3. Broken line?Improve the temperature of the environment, adjust the voltage of the nozzle, clean the nozzle with the cleaning liquid and replace the ink.4. Unable to discharge material?Replacement of photoelectric switch, replacement of discharge motor or rewiring.5. Middle wrinkle when walking?Re feed, adjust the parallelism of the feed wheel and the feed wheel shaft, and adjust the pressure of the press wheel.6. No moving head or software part function can't be used?Replacement of main board, rewiring, reconnection or replacement of drive, replacement of motor or rewiring.7. Stop spray?Replace the decoder and grating, adjust the position of the decoder to the middle of the decoding bar, replace the motor, or change the material to the small volume.8. Inability to provide ink?Replace the cartridge inductor, replace or reconnect, replace the main board, replace the ink pump, and replace the filter.9. For ink supply?Replacement of the main board and rewiring.10. The print test bar and the diagram are not normal?Change the grating or decoder, reconnect the fiber line, replace the driver, and replace the main board.11.What materials can I print on?This large format printer can direct print on outdoor advertising , 3D wallpaper, commercial advertising, Car wrap, billboard, outdoor post, backlit light box , Vinyl Sticker, Flex Banner, Mesh, One Way Vision, Paper, WallPaper, Coated Banner, Canvas, Film, Lint-free Cloth, Photo Paper etc.12.What about the quality of ink?The inks we supply are original from factory.with many times test for ensure the inks are high quality and no blocking.so problems like jam print head or bad printing effect will be not occur.so have a  try please.13.Payment terms and delivery date?Payment terms: we accept the T/T transfer, Western Union and paypal etc. Delivery date: for goods in stock, within 1 workdays after full payment is received; 3-5 workdays with large order.14.What kind of after-sale service do you have for your printers?A. We have experienced engineers and technical online customer service to supply24-hours online service. If you have any problems, please cntact us.B. Remote control service via the software Team Viewer is provided for the customer to install the software and adjust the program.C.On the first time, free training course will be provided to assist customers on installation and maintenance of the printer. If customer needs, we can send our engineers abroad to provide service such as machine setup and repairing. Also free training for your staff is provided.(Customer have to pay the visa fees, air ticket, accommodation and food for our engineer.)D.If some problems happened,please tell us .we are glad to help you solve it .and take a responsibility if it is our fault.

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