A4 Matte White 0.3mm Thickness Magnetic Paper For Inkjet Printers

 A4 Matte White 0.3mm Thickness Magnetic Paper For Inkjet Printers



These A4 White Matte Inkjet sheet magnet (1 per pack) have a length of 210mm, a width of 297mm and a 0.26mm thickness. 

Please note: this product is just compatible with inkjet printers.


Uses for our A4 White Matte Inkjet Printable Paper:

Our printable magnetic paper & sheets are great for creating signs at home, workplace or warehouse. Simply place the magnetic printable paper into your inkjet printer – and create! You can print any magnetic sign you like. It can easily be cut with scissors or Stanley knife to create any shape or size you require. Adheres well to all metallic surfaces. ‘Slippery When Wet’. ‘Poison’. ‘Wrong Way. Go Back’. Let’s face it, thoughtfully located signs have saved society a lot of pain and suffering. Warning or instructive, signs in the workplace are very important. To comply with  OH&S Principles and to inform and protect workers from injury, making your own signs and notices to suit your individual circumstances makes a lot of sense. It is now easy and affordable with Modern day communication tools like Smartphones, Scanners, Inkjet Printers and Magnetic Paper to create signs that are attachable to metallic surfaces. Creating an original design imbued with your style and the way you do business is brand building that is now within everyone’s reach thanks to the DIY digital age and Magnetic A4 Sheets.



1) Magnetic Printing Paper provides photographic quality prints in vivid colors
2) Inkjet printable matte paper can be easily cut with a knife or scissors without damaging the magnetic quality
3) Dries instantly and is both smudge proof and waterproof
4) Available in both matte white and high gloss white 
5) Thin and compatible with all series of Epson, HP or Lexmark color inkjet printers
6) Magnetic printing paper create your own personalized magnetic photographs 
7) Inkjet printable matte paper is great for business cards, labels and promotional items
8) Uses are limited only by your imagination                      

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