Overflow Print Canvas Painting Wall Best Selling Inkjet Printing For Home Decor Pack In PE Foam And Carton Vietnam Manufacturer

Products Description

Product NameOverflow Canvas Prints
Printing Method12 color
ColorAs picture show
Size20x30cm, 30x45cm, 40x60cm, 50x75cm, 60x90cm, 70x105cm, 80x120cm, 90x135cm, 100x150cm, or custom size
ApplicationTo decor home, apartment, cafe shop, hotel, restaurant, etc.
ServiceOEM, OBM, ODM
MOQ10 pieces
Product Overview

The Study of "Canvas Prints"

A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is often stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are used as the final output in an art piece, or as a way to reproduce other forms of art. Rolled Canvas PrintsFloating Frame Canvas PrintsOverflow Canvas Prints Printing methods Reproductions of original artwork have been printed on canvas for many decades using offset printing. Since the 1990s, canvas print has also been associated with either dye sublimation or inkjet print processes. The canvas print material is generally cotton or plastic based poly canvas, often used for the reproduction of photographic images.
Digital printers capable of producing canvas prints range from small consumer printers owned by the artist or photographer themselves up to large format printing service printers capable of printing onto canvas rolls measuring or more. Digital files of artwork, paintings, photograph, or drawings may be sent directly to printing companies or Internet based printing services.
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