Uv 2.5m Hybrid Flatbed Canvas Digital Uv Roll To Roll Flatbed Inkjet Leather Hybrid Printer Machine For Leather

2.5M UV Hybrid Printer


Type of Printheads

Ricoh G5/G6

Quantity of Printheads


Printing Color


Ink Type

Water, heat transfer, etc





Printing Speeds and Accuracy






Draft model60-75m^2/h
Production model45-55m^2/h
Precision model30-40m^2/h

Media Type

Lamp cloth, single through, photographic paper,PP paper. PVC film and other indoor and outdoor materials.

Cartridge Capacity


Max Print Width


RIP Software



Network Line 

File Format 


Operating System Windows XP, WIN7
Power Supply50Hz/60Hz, 220V/110V 10A
Operation EnvironmentTemperature: 10-38℃, Humidity: 40%-70%
Machine Dimension4465mm(L)*1260mm(W)*1510mm(H)
Net Weight1850KGS


About us:


Developed from Kanger Image Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xinan International Trading Co. Ltd successively has cooperated with British XAAR, Japanese Konica and American FUJI FILM DIMATIX. We have formed a strong strategic cooperation alliance, and kept developing advanced inkjet technology,
which makes us become the leader in the advertising industry quickly.

Till now, We created 3 series brands, MYJET, DIE CAI and SAI DI. And we have built the first level distribution network in more than 20 regions of China and 40 countries of the world We have passed ISO9001 and CE authentication, which laid a strong foundation for the 20 years global stratagems.

MYJET digital ink jet printer has won a very good praise by the public. It is recognized to be the most stable and famous brand of digital inkjet printers, which satisfied customers with the best quality and the most considerate service. We have at tended American ISA Exhibition, Shanghai International Sign Show, European Sign Show and Dubai Sign Graphic lmaging Show.

We will continue to adopt the advanced technology of the world in inkjet printing industry.

We decide to build the Chinese top level products! MYJET- prints superb images for vision world!




1. A single nozzle can not be made out of ink?
Replacing the nozzle, replacing the sprinkler data line or the nozzle switch board, inserting the data line of the nozzle, repairing the ink supply system, and replacing the main plate.


2. All the spray heads are not out of ink?
Repair the power, replace the head card, replace the main board. Reinstall or replace the decoder, reinsert or replace the fiber line.

3. Broken line?
Improve the temperature of the environment, adjust the voltage of the nozzle, clean the nozzle with the cleaning liquid and replace the ink.

4. Unable to discharge material?
Replacement of photoelectric switch, replacement of discharge motor or rewiring.

5. Middle wrinkle when printing?
Re feed, adjust the parallelism of the feed wheel and the feed wheel shaft, and adjust the pressure of the press wheel.

6. No moving head or software part function can't be used?
Replacement of main board, rewiring, reconnection or replacement of driver, replacement of motor or rewiring.

7. Stop printing?
Replace the decoder and grating, adjust the position of the decoder to the middle of the decoding bar, replace the motor, on change the material to the small volume.

8. Inability to provide ink?
Replace the cartridge inductor, replace or reconnect, replace the main board, replace the ink pump, and replace the filter.

9. For ink supply?
Replacement of the main board and rewiring.

10. The print test bar and the diagram are not normal?
Change the grating or decoder, reconnect the fiber line, replace the driver, and replace the main board.



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