Floral Canvas Blue Jade Open Handmade Block Printed Soft Cotton Running 20 Sheeting Fabric








Indian Block Printed Fabric By Intricately Carved Rose Wood Blocks On 100% Soft Cotton 20 Sheeting
 Material:  100% Cotton
 Size : 5 Yard

 Handmade , Block Printed


 Multi Color

 Wash Care:

 Machine Washable


 1000 pieces per months


 Export Packaging







 Jaipur is famous for many artistic products and Block Printed  Quilt tops on the list. Jaipuri Razai or The Quilt of Jaipur is an exquisite style of quilt making which includes various forms of artistic integrations at various levels of its production.


We, at Roopantaran, are glad to introduce ourselves as a cluster of artisans who make some wonderful hand block printed home furnishings and home decor items. Stuffed Cotton Quilt, the Jaipuri Razai is one of our most cherished products that is well sought after around the globe for its intrinsic qualities as well as its aesthetic values.




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