V-REFLEX Silver Reflective Polyester/Cotton Material for safety vests Clothing ANSI/ISEA&ENISO20471 Level2,RF-HW506000

Product Description


V-REFLEX ™ Reflective Material— Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW506000 is designed for the application on high-visibility warning clothing such as occupational work wear, consumer garments and accessories to enhance the visibility of the wearer during darkness and low light conditions. The fabric will appear brilliant white, when illuminated by vehicle headlights, even when the wearer is situated at the side of the road.
V-REFLEX ™ Reflective Material— Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW506000 meet or exceed the following specifications as noted. All RA values are over 100 cd/lux/m2 measured at +5.0° entrance angle and 0.2° observation angle after tests are carried out according to following test methods
V-REFLEX ™ Reflective Material— Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW506000 can be hand cut, die-cut or guillotined. Product Overview


Represents consumer trust and high product safety

550+ Micro glass beads Technics

Micro glass beads

Thickness Weight

0.55~0.65 mm

Daytime & Reflective Color

Silver Daytime Color and Bright White Reflection, OEM


Approved to ENISO 20471 & ANSI/ISEA level2 Initial Retro-reflectivity > 500 cd/lux/m2

Sew-On Attachment Type

Recommended Sew-On Thread Product Code RF-HW506000

Reflective Fabric Tapes

This Fabric is quality anti retro-reflective tape approved to ENISO 20471 & ANSI/ISEA level2

HW Home Wash 506035

50 cycles @ 60°C (ISO 5797) | RA > 100

Abrasion & Flexing

It's made of flame-resistant durable aramid fabric backing and can be used on the fire fighting clothing worn by the fireman.

T/C Material

Backing Fabric: T/C, 65% Polyester + 35% Cotton

White Bright Reflection

Glass Lensed Technology

Reflective During Night

Product Details in Night

Main Features

Reflective Technology

Micro Glass Bead, High Intensity White, More than 550+ Reflection

HOME Wash Cycles

50+ Cycles at 60℃(165℉)high washing durable performance

T/C Material

T/C reflective fabric is polyester-cotton reflective fabric. It has good softness and abrasion resistance in both dry and wet


Standard width: 5cmx100cmMax width: 150cmOEM

Product Cleaning

Frequent care and maintenance will ensure the continued effectiveness of the reflective material. The cleaning frequency of the clothing depends on the degree of soiling expected in the respective working environment.

Inpirations of Application

T/C Material Reflective Fabric & Tapes

Application for vests

Washing Conditions Test each application according to appropriate care instructions required for the finished product. Actual life of V-REFLEX™ Sew-On Reflective Material – Fabric/Tape/Trim depends on cleaning methods and wear conditions.

A colored clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used. Follow below recommendation coul maintain the duability of retro-reflective to its maxium lifespan.

• Wash temperature higher than 60°C and industrial washing/cleaning/laundering processes are not recommended.
• The use of bleach
or detergents containing organic solvent will result in a reduction in retro-reflective performance.
• Use of temperature lower than 60°C will increase the lifetime of the reflective fabric/tape/trim. • Actual lifetime will be dependent upon the detergent system, its dosage level, and drying temperature.

Home Washing Conditions

Detergent: Brand powdered household detergents should be used. Refer to the detergent manufacturer’s recommendations for dosage in areas of high water hardness and for various degrees of garment soiling. • Wash temperature range: 15°C to 60°C Some items could be extended to be home-washed with a wider range of washing temperature than above. Some items could be applicable to wash temperature ranging from 0°C to 90°C for those garment requiring harsher cleaning. Read the physical performance of each reflective tape for the details. • Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 10 minutes • Max. Program time: 50 minutes • Max load factor/ration : 65%

• Load factor higher than 65% might lead to enhanced abrasion of the reflective material – fabric/tape/trim, high abrasion may result in damage to and fading of reflective material.
• Use higher drying temperature than recommended may change the structure of reflective material and shorten its life-span.
Do not use additional bleach
• No chlorine bleach. • No bleaches on oxygene basis (e.g. sodium perborate bleaches). Do not store a wash batch even in a low concentration of bleach.
Drying Conditions (ISO 6330)
Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer Air Drying: Line drying is recommended where possible. Hang-Up Drying: on line or rack Tumble drying and tunnel/air drying are both recommended and applicable to this series of reflective material. But be very cautious of drying temperature. Follow below recommendation will prolong the durability of product.

Tumble Dry
• Load ratio: 1:25.
• Inlet temperature should not exceed 90°C. • The drying process must be controlled to ensure that the exhaust temperature does not exceed 90°C. • The drying process should be continued until the load is dry.

Tunnel Dry
• Maximum inlet temperature 100 °C (212 °F).
• For some items, maximum temperature could be as high as 155°C Tunnel dry/finishing is not recommended for certain items.

Do Not Overdry.
Reflective material temperature should not exceed 90°C at any time during drying. Overdry of reflective fabric/tape/trim will result in significant damage to structure of reflective material, and shorten its lifespan.

Washing/Cleaning conditions harsher than those recommended below could diminish the brilliance of the fabric and shorten the product’s lifetime significantly. The following instructions therefor must be strictly followed.
• No presoaking • No application of high alkaline products (e.g. heavy-duty product or stain removal products) • No application of solvenated detergents or micro-emulsions. • No additional bleaches.

Special Cleaning Instructions
Special Cleaning Instructions for application on rainwear, a regular fluorocarbon treatment of the garment is recommended.
•Chemical splashes should be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Cleaning the garment the same day is recommended. • Splashes of strong acids or alkalis should immediately be neutralized with plenty of water.• Contamination with toxic or poisonous substances or biocontamination will require the application of a specific decontamination process.• Application of high alkaline products, high pH-products, bleaches etc. is not recommended. • Do not over-dry. The temperature of the material should not exceed 90°C at any
time during drying.

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